Monday, February 24, 2014

A Surrendered Yes

John 21:15b

I have just finished reading Ann Voskamp's latest book, "The Greatest Gift".  It is an Advent devotional chapter book and yes, even with epiphany long behind us, it is a great read and has been blessing me.

Ann amazes me.....she lives with the echoes of a deeply scarred past and yet God in His infinite wisdom has used her to change the world.  Just by simply counting the smallest of blessings in life.  (One Thousand Gifts)  There is no doubt that her most recent book will have an impact on those who read it.  I am privileged to be among them.

In the minutes before dawn one morning I opened the pages and heard God speak through the words my eyes took in.  Ann was talking about Christmas and the whole gift giving thing.  As she spoke about the gifts we receive she said, "Your greatest gift is not the gifts you receive, but your surrendered yes to be a space for God.  My spirit quickened as I thought about being a greater vessel for His presence and His purpose.  A space for God.  Amazing visual isn't it!

The "yes Lord" has been coming to me often lately, mixing with His whispers and mine. Surrender is a path unique to each, but first there is a need to wade into the river of Living Waters, like Ezekiel did in his vision (Ezekiel 47), and immerse ourselves with a simple but profound "Yes Lord!"

Yes Lord, Your will and Your way.
Yes, Lord, I surrender
Yes Lord, more of You and less of me.
Less of me and more of You.
Yes Lord.

Ann Voskamp says yes, Lord each time she takes her shy, once agoraphobic self into the world outside her farm porch to teach and reach those in need.  Katie Davis (Kisses For Katie) does this every day as she feeds the hungry, welcomes another daughter home, cares for the homeless, and holds the dying in the red dirt of Uganda.  Linny and Dw continue their walk of a joyous yes every time they bring home one more child.   Heidi Baker felt called to the mission field at age 16 and with her surrendered yes is now a vessel for God in bringing the gospel to Mozambique and other countries.   Joel's cousin David Simonson and his wife Eunice said yes to Tanzania over 50 years ago bringing Jesus to the Maasai. The family calls Tanzania home and David is buried on the land the Maasai honored them with.  A surrendered yes.

We all know, or know of someone who says "Yes Lord" with such passion. Laid down followers of Jesus who change the world.  But what about us, what about this gray haired granny?  What does God ask of us?
I believe that the easy is saying, "Yes Lord."  The hard comes in the less of me and more of Him.  The surrender of space to Him to use this vessel according to His purpose, not mine.  It almost always involves sacrifice....the less part.  It involves surrender.  It involves, letting go.  And thankfully it also involves an intimate relationship with the One.  The more part.

Yes, Lord
Yes, Lord, Your will and Your way.
Yes, Lord, less fear and more courage
Yes Lord to the river of Living Waters.
Yes Lord, more of You and less of me.
Yes Lord.

A surrendered yes to be a space for God.

Soul Rest Sunday


Trudy said...

"The surrender of space to Him to use this vessel according to His purpose, not mine." So beautiful, Renee. My heart longs with yours.

Debbie P said...

Love this post! Surrender is so hard sometimes, but so worth it!