Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Great I AM

 Stopping over a few days ago to visit Anita's blog, did you bring your camera? I was drawn to the words by John Piper that she posted. 

This past week God has been instructing me in this, to acknowledge His glory and who He is. It seems every book I pick up or every teaching I tune in to online speaks of giving Him alone the glory, the honor and praise to the God who sees us, the great


Last night Joel and I watched a teaching by Leif Hetland who spoke about the three chairs we live life from.  Chair #1 he calls the Spiritual Life where we rest in the knowing.  Chair #2 is the Soulish Life where we live by the senses, what we feel, see, taste, touch, and hear.  A place of compromise.  Chair #3 is the chair of the lost, who do not know Jesus.  If you sit in chair #1 you are saved.  If you sit in chair #2 you are saved.  If you sit in chair #3 you are lost and need a Savior.

He went on to say that in Chair #2 we do what we do for is where most of us live life striving to be better, do better, live better, help others and please God to receive His blessings we read of in the Bible. In chair #1 we do what we do because the blessings come from God.  It is in response to God, and what He has already done for us.  A place of peace and deep joy.  Oh, this is where I want to live and breathe.  What struck me so deeply was that in chair #1 we rest.  We rest in the knowing we have the answers to all our problems and needs. The answer is

We come to God with a disease.....His response is I AM the God who heals you.  We come to God with a financial issue.....He says, I AM your Provider.  If we are brokenhearted?  I AM your Comforter.  Are we feeling lonely?  I AM El Roi, the God who sees you.  Does fear run our lives?  He says, I AM your protector, I will fight for you, just stay calm.   Feeling lost?  I AM is the God who saves you and goes back for even one lost of His sheep. 

The Bible is filled with so many ways of defining who God is.   So many promises meant just for you, for us.  Lord we glorify You, the Answer to all our problems, all our needs. We give thanks and praise and honor and glory to


My friend Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity calls Him a miracle-working, mountain-moving, awe-inspiring, gasp-giving God!  AND if our God, I AM, is a miracle working God who moves mountains, if He is awe inspiring and takes our breath way, THAT God has the answers to all our problems and we can rest (in chair #1) in the knowing that He loves us that much.  How can we doing anything else besides speak of His glory!  How can we help but make known the great promises waiting for the world!  He is the great

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