Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

We are having a heat wave!  Temperatures in the twenties again today along with more snow, but the high thirties are forecast for the next few days!  Yes!  Unfortunately, the warmer temps are driving the frost deeper and two more neighbors are now without water due to frozen pipes.   So two of our neighbors will be coming over here for "flushing" water when needed.  This could last weeks, so we are doing what we can to keep our pipes moving, including prayer!

We have once again walked at church and the mall all week, managing 45 minutes most days.  I prefer the church even with the temperature in the gymnasium between 50-55 degrees just because we can listen to music and visit to pass the time, besides Joel being able to walk at a much faster pace.

Did you have a nice Valentine 's Day?  We spent the whole day together which was fun.  We planned to watch a movie but stayed tuned in to the Olympics instead.  A lazy morning, a walk, special dessert, lots of laughter, a discussion about Holy Spirit and healing, a phone call from our youngest, and then a phone call from our oldest son and two of the grands in the evening made for a great day. 

We are supposed to be in AZ right now, so I have been thinking about turning the heat up and wearing shorts around the house :)   Okay, not really, but I am ready for Spring while at the same time grateful for a warm house and the pretty snow falling as I write.  There is beauty in every season of the earth and of our lives.

I really don't have much to share this week............the Olympics have been entertaining.  We really got into the Skeleton races for the women and enjoyed the ice skating of course.  We actually watched the snowboarding too!  Saw the US win all three medals for that.  Go USA!

We have been watching Bill Johnson, Leif Hetland, and a couple Charis Bible colllege ministries teachings, and I am re-reading Heidi Baker's book, Birthing The Miraculous, which has been speaking to me so much.  A Cleo Coyle fiction mystery is taking me way longer than it should, as it is just not holding my interest.  What are you reading? 

Until next time........


Kim said...

I'm glad it's finally warming up there! Hopefully your neighbor's pipes are working soon, too. We're enjoying the "warmer" weather while in Seattle. The book you're reading sounds great. I'm reading The Invisible War by Chip Ingram about spiritual warfare. Happy Saturday.

Southern Gal said...

Hi Renee! Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving a comment. It sounds like you've been in the deep freeze, too. We will have temps in the 70's this weeks so all the snow should be gone soon. Have a blessed Lord's Day.

Southern Gal

Janey said...

as usual I love reading anything you write sister Renee' what a blessing it is to have you for a sister and a dear friend! Keep writing and get that book going! love,

Sharon said...

I'm thinking that you probably don't want to hear about the literal heatwave we are having - mid 70's all last week. I'm in shorts and sandals. However, the lack of rain and snow means terrible drought conditions, and that is a problem of another sort - lack of water and wildfire danger.

So, in it all, we must depend on the Lord!

I've been reading a series of mysteries set in Britain in the late 1700's - really enjoying them.