Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our corner of the world here in corn country.  We have had some wonderful walks this week, including one over at the state park again.  Unfortunately, after so much rain the mosquitoes are out in droves.  The deer and rabbits continue to nibble on our hostas and flowers and have little fear of humans. 

Last Sunday we headed to church, and then once again to the lake and Cabin Coffee along with a walk at the state park.  Monday was our 46th wedding anniversary and we enjoyed lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and that evening we watched the movie, "The Magic of Belle Isle" with Morgan Freeman on Netflix.  It was a good one.  It poured rain all day, but the sun was  shining in us as we gave thanks for so many years together!  Tuesday my hairdresser gave me a "summer cut".  Yikes!  Just a little short for my taste, well, more than short.  So glad hair grows back!  We spent a couple days just relaxing....just groceries and baking here at home plus watching a live conference in CO. 

Thursday we went to the Farmer's  Market and then headed over to the lake again for their fourth of July festivities.  A carnival, craft and art fair, and more.  We did not stay too long, but I purchased a cute patriotic decoration.  The thing is, I felt like I had to buy something....and here's why.  Joel began talking with the lady selling her wares and found out she went to the Lutheran church in a town south of where we live, where Joel had interviewed 19 years ago!  They visited about the difficulty of finding and supporting a pastor, etc.  Soon I felt I had to buy something....and I told Joel "No more getting to know these vendors on a first name basis!  It makes me feel like I nced to buy something to support them!"  Ha ha.  I like what I purchased, though.  Thursday night we watched our local fireworks from our living room.  We can view them quite well, and can avoid crowds and bugs!

On the Fourth we walked 2 miles early and then got ready for company.  My sister Kay and her hubby Dan came for lunch and the afternoon.  We did nothing more than eat and visit, but the hours flew by.

Our friend Linny from A Place Called Simplicity celebrated the fourth this year without her hubby Dw who is in Uganda with their missionary daughter EmmaLee.  Both Linny and Dw take several mission trips a year there bringing a team of volunteers with them.  They can use prayers as he tries to get home.  First flight canceled due to plane trouble and this week he canceled again due to specific terrorist threats on the airport he was flying out of.  The can use prayers for him to get home after being gone 9 weeks now, and for EmmaLee and all to be safe as the terrorist threats ramp up concerning Christians in Uganda and other surrounding countries. 

We walked daily this week, enjoying nature at it's best.  We spent some time reading, watching a little TV, and a lot of the live-streamed conference at Andrew Wommack Ministries.  Another week has gone by quickly!  Hope all you Americans had a great Independence Day celebration.

Until next time..............


Sharon said...

First of all, congratulations on your wedding anniversary! That is a wonderful occasion! We just celebrated ours yesterday!

Our small town put on a great celebration for the Fourth! I wrote a little about it this week on my blog. Unfortunately, we had to watch fireworks on TV - no pyrotechnics on this mountaintop!!


Anita Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary a bit belated! Always glad to check in and see what you are up too. We had a wonderful time with our family here too. Hugs to both of you!