Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to all of you from our corner of the world.  We've enjoyed beautiful weather the past week, in fact it felt more like September than mid July!  I even pulled out my wool comforter, cranked open the windows at night and slept well under my Woolie .  Tomorrow the heat comes back, but for now we are enjoying the cooler "Montana-style" nights.

We headed up to north central MN. last Wednesday with the sole purpose of visiting family and Joel also hoping to have some alone time.  We visited with Joel's Aunt Harriet, age 102, and his cousin, three nieces...two in person, one by phone....a family friend who is like a second mom, and ate out with a close cousin and his wife.  Great time!  We were able to spend time with our daughter and SIL and three treasures, and I spent an afternoon with our SIL's parents and his niece, too, while Joel was off biking 20 miles on his favorite trail and swimming in a childhood lake that holds many memories for him.

Speaking of biking, I managed to stay upright on our granddaughter's bike when I denied how crummy I was feeling and took off riding for oh, maybe 100 feet.  First time on a bike for decades!  Joel would like me to eventually bike with him, but I am thinking those seats are just too painful for this spring chicken......or old hen!

On Saturday we headed down to Chaska Mn, SE of Mpls. for the wedding of my nephew Nate, and his fianc√©, Livja.   It was an outdoor wedding with the reception in a "barn" on site in the country..  Rain fell heavy in the morning and early afternoon, but the rain stopped for the ceremony and the sun came out later.  Lots of things for the kids to do~~ a bean bag toss, a large swing and porch, photo booth, firepit, and wide open spaces to play. After a good meal, we were able to hear Nate and his good friend play a song before the DJ took over.  Nate had been in a small band for years and still is part of a duo that plays at clubs, etc. Sunday morning we gathered again with everyone for a breakfast and more visiting before saying our good-byes and heading out to our individual homes.

Joel and I ate lunch with our second oldest daughter, SIL and family before heading down to Gustavus Adolphus College to look around the campus where 4 of our children and our DIL attended.  My nephew Nate is now a football coach there!  Then we went down to my dad's and paternal grandparents graves a few miles from the college, before continuing our journey home.  It was nice to get home after being gone so long, but we came back to water in the laundry room which meant wet carpet and work for Joel....again.  Ugh. 

I have been sleeping 9 hours most nights since our return.  Guess I needed to catch up after so much visiting and road time.  We have been walking at the city park a few days this week due to the association spraying all common areas, but Friday and today we were back to the river road and our usual 1.5 miles. 

Thursday after supper we headed over to our favorite Iowa lake (only one in our area).  We did not realize they have something called "Thursdays on Main" with vendors, arts and crafts, and live music all up and down main street in the evening.  We searched for a parking place and ended up walking several blocks to get to the lake and then walked through the downtown enjoying the throngs of people and the music.  Fun!  Who knew?! 

Friday we picked up 40 lbs of blueberries grown without chemicals by Mennonites,  and by that afternoon we had 10lbs in the freezer.  Of course we have enjoyed a few fresh yummy blueberries while preparing them to freeze!  They are sooooo good fresh! Working on getting the other 30 lbs. done this weekend.

This was Joel's first week back to work.  Even though he works mostly from home, we are both adjusting to the change.  He is looking forward to the challenge and I am looking forward to Sunday worship with the congregation.

I have not been reading much, catching up mostly with magazines and teachings online, plus one or two TV shows.  After spending several days without TV, it just seems so loud and distracting to have it on much.

What have you been up to?

Until next time...............


Sharon said...

Renee, you and Joel have such a busy and full life! I'm sure you're glad to be able to get around like this again! Blessings on the new job - I'll be very excited to hear about the *new* work that God is going to be doing.

Me? Down again for my monthly week-long visit with my mom. We had our hair done yesterday, and treated ourselves to some take-out Chinese food. Yum. I ate 2 fortune cookies - and my *gluttony* was punished, for I only got ONE fortune!! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


Anita Johnson said...

So glad you sound healthy and happy and wonder you needed a bit more sleep. I thought of trying a short bike ride the other day, then decided not to push my luck...I have seen slow, but steady improvement. So very grateful for that! Glad you have had a chance to travel more too before Joel starts his new work. I cannot imagine all those blueberries! Wow! It is raspberry season here.

Renee said...

Hope your visit with your mom goes well, Sharon. Your fortune cookie story made me laugh!

Renee said...

Hi Anita
We r doing well. Still have to stand firm at times against symptoms, but grateful for energy I have. Plus grateful to hear you are improving. Yay! My daughter in Mn has been picking raspberries too. Hugs