Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday once again in my corner of the world and we are well into summer here.  Such beauty to behold.  We finally got some much needed rain yesterday, giving our grass and the fields in Iowa a good drink of nourishment.  We had a few days of heat an high humidity followed by cooler temps again.  Today the humidity is back and unwelcome by all.  We cannot complain here, though~~no drought, no fires, floods, or long periods of excessive heat. Our flowers are in full bloom and we are enjoying them from our porch. 

Black eyed Susan ivy

New Guinea Impatiens

We walked in the early mornings this week and even in the high humidity we managed to get in our 1.5 miles. We have a doe and two fawns living down by the river, but we have only seen them once.  Last night we walked later in the evening and came across three little fawns out eating in the brush.  Beautiful!  We walked at the park before RAGBTAI came to town,  and we walked at the State Park on our way home from church last Sunday.  Nice, but more enjoyable for us along the river near our home.
Can you make out three?  Two in front and one back
by the tree to the right.  So cute and not
worried about us at all.

Speaking of RAGBRAI, the biking event across Iowa, it was quite interesting as the 10,000 riders and their friends and family camped here overnight in our city doubling it's size to 60,000.  I wrote about it HERE.  It was fun to see all the tents, bikes, and activities that went on, although we stayed pretty close to home.

Last Sunday was Joel's first at Faith Lutheran.  It went well and on our way home we stopped at our favorite lake and state park.  Then we headed home for pancakes with fresh strawberries and blueberries!  Yum....Monday and Tuesday we stayed close to home with all the heat and humidity, but Wednesday we headed to the hospital to be with  my sister and her family, as she was having surgery.  All went well and she is home already.  Yay.  Most of my week was spent nesting at home and freezing blueberries~ 50lbs, minus a few, are now in the freezer.   

We have enjoyed eating our fill of blueberries and freezing near 50 lbs for the coming year.  We also were able to purchase yellow cherries to enjoy, along with fresh farm eggs.  I love farm eggs...they are all different sizes and colors(usually shades of brown with a few green thrown in) plus the yolks are so yellow and they taste sooooo good!  The chickens actually get out in the sunshine~ happy chickens equals good tasting eggs.

yellow cherries ready to eat!

fresh farm eggs

blueberries ready for the freezer
first we wash and freeze on trays
then transfer to bags for safe storage

 We watched the movie last night, "Unconditional"   on Netflix.  Good movie!  Joel and I are reading Heidi Baker's book, "Birthing The Miraculous" out loud together and watching a lot less TV.  The porch is calling our name.  What have you been doing?

Until next time............


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your Blog and what is going on in your world. Oh my all those blueberry's--Yummy! And I didn't know about the Egg lesson...I love brown eggs.

Your flowers are beautiful!

I look forward in reading your next post and will try and get back here to read other blogs you've written Rene. God bless you and Joel!

Denise Glisson

Sharon said...

We finally got a little rain in the last couple of days, too. Believe me, after a winter with little snow, virtually no rain - and with the memories of last year's huge wildfire - yes, it was good to get the moisture!

The deer are precious! We've had some babies and moms at our water trough. Too, too cute!

What am I up to? Spending some time with my mom, and babysitting my granddog, Marty! All in all, a time of warm fellowship!


Renee said...

Hi Denise
Good to hear from you here. Glad you have found my cyber home.

Renee said...

Hi Sharon, rain is so important isn't it. Enjoy your time with mom and the granddog!