Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Authenticity is such a big word, and lately it is one of those buzz words that we hear roll off peoples tongues.  That being said, I am going to reflect on it today. 

Sunday night Joel and I listened to a teaching by Kris Vallotton at Bethel in CA and Kris shared a statement that resonated ~~

"Authenticity is the ability to let go of who we
think we should be, to be who we really are."

Why can it be so hard to be who we really are?  Do we have the "need to please" disease?  Does the past whisper a list of "shoulds" in our ears?   Or do we feel we are not enough for others or ourselves?

Kris went on to say that when he is not being authentic, he feels like he is lying. We are also rejecting the person God created us  be.  He also mentioned that many people believe that "if people get to know me they won't like me", that they are "not enough" as their authentic selves.  Been there........said that.......believed it too.  Just being honest.

Being authentic does not mean we are free to cause pain or harm, nor hurt others feelings, but it does mean we become okay with who we are.  We come to a place where we do not worry about what others think of us as much as we focus on what God thinks of us.  We always have the goal to be more Christ-like, but we also can have the goal to be okay when we look in the mirror, believing that we are enough.  Believing that others will like us when they get to know us.  Cuz, God does not make junk!

My hubby is one of the most authentic people I know.  He knows who He is and Whose he is.  He does not care if we are in NY, Iowa, Arizona, or Montana, he dresses for himself and still wears his boots and hat.  He has had people look down at him, mock him or stare and point.........it does not affect him because he is comfortable with who he is.  He also shares Jesus and his healing story with people open to hearing it.  A friend and colleague has said of Joel, "What you see is what you get!"  That is a compliment in my book!

Do you, like me, struggle at times to live with authenticity?  Dressing for others instead of yourself?  Is it difficult to share the love of Jesus as God tells us to do?  Do you feel you are not enough?  Do you let others define you? I think we all find ourselves visiting there at times, but lets not live there.  Let's be who God created us to be.  Authentic!

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NanaNor's said...

Renee, such a powerful post and I do at times struggle with not putting on a polite face when others are behaving appropriately. Thank you for this! Love and prayers, Noreen