Thursday, August 13, 2015

Defending God In The Dirt

A couple of days ago the men doing our driveway spoke to Joel about a "problem" they discovered.  It seems the water pipe was bent and the shut off valve was damaged.  More than likely it needed to be the cost of $800.  The cement guy said, "If you are moving I could just cover it back up and leave it."  Joel told them no, it was our responsibility, so, they called their fix-it guy, and he came over to take a look. 

Joel was outside observing because he loves watching the process take place.  In fact he acts just like a kid watching these men at work.  We both were amazed to watch them dig up our driveway in just 12 minutes, piles of cement everywhere!  Then they hauled it away....and then the "problem" showed up.  So as he stood outside watching them dig deep down into the dirt below where the cement had been to check out the pipe,  the digger was continually using the name of Jesus in vain.  None stop.  Joel turned to Him and said, "I am a preacher, and I use the name of Jesus often as a minister.  You are using the same name as I do.  The guy replied, "God has never done anything but kick my ass!" (excuse my language)  My never-swears nor gets-angry hubby said back to  him firmly, "No, that is not God!  God is a good God.  You are kicking your own ass!" 

The cement guy who is a non-stop talker and who seems to have a fear of God and a respect for the cowboy preacher was dead silent during the whole exchange.  The other two workers were watching.

My first thought was, "We just spent $800 defending our Lord while this guy was digging out 7 feet of dirt...........  And........... that is okay."  Sure enough, it needed to be professionally fixed to the tune of $800.  But when the using-God's- name man excavated and got to the source of the issue 7 feet down, he discovered that this was caused by either the energy company or the city water crew,  so he called them both, telling them  to come out.  They did, and they agreed it was their problem, and now the bill will be sent to the energy company.  Yay God!!

Lately I have been receiving two words...."planting seeds" over and over.  Planting seeds of the Word in ourselves, planting seeds in others.  And watching these seeds multiply.  I am praying that Joel's exchange with this man planted seeds.  Seeds in the digger, in the men standing around listening.  When the city men showed up the digger told them, "This guy is a preacher and he chewed me out for swearing."  And later on.....the digger guy came over and sat with Joel and they shared some quiet words together.  Planting seeds while defending God in the dirt!  


Jan said...

Awesome story! If we can't stand up for God why should he stand up for us!

Anita Johnson said...

I love this story...and thankful that you didn't need to spend the money on a repair. Planting seeds...we need to grab these opportunities when we can!

Renee said...

Hi Jan! Hugs, sister......

Renee said...

Hi Anita
So glad you are doing better and things are moving forward!