Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Best Laid Plans

"Life is what happens while you are making other plans...."

Plan A:  It was our plan to have the house on the market by the middle of June.  Families like to buy homes in the summer so they can be settled before school starts and it is the best time to sell.  It did not happen.  Joel was busy and I had news from the eye doctor that put everything on hold for awhile.

Plan B: We moved our goal ahead to mid-July, right after Joel finished work, but he was so busy the last month that he did not get into the garage or his office to sort, purge, and do what realtors call.....stage the rooms for buyers.  We got a lot done, but the more we did, the more we found to do.

 Plan C:  We planned to have it on the market by August 5th.  Today.  And how is that working for us?  Monday the driveway guys stopped by to tell us they were coming this week to tear up our driveway and lay new cement.  It was to be done last year, but did not happen .  Then this Spring we were undecided on whether to go ahead or not, but everyone encouraged us to do so.  So, now we are having to hold off putting the house on the market a third time!  Joel has spent the past two days taking out pavers and removing the steps and railing off the porch so new cement can be laid.  Instead of staining the porch....he took it apart!  Office and garage are still on hold and I cannot do either without his help as a laborer and consultant! 

Plan D: We are hoping to have the house on the market at the end of next week.  If the garage is done.....if the office is done......IF the driveway is done and porch put back together!  We definitely are not writing out our plans in ink anymore, but we are hopeful!

We have thought all along we would try to sell the house ourselves.  If that did not work, we would get a realtor.  Two days ago Joel ran into a guy from a former parish and they talked about us putting the house on the market and moving south.  Yesterday this guy calls us....seems he is a realtor and Joel forgot that bit of info when they were visiting.  He came over and gave us some valuable insights for selling the house ourselves.  Info we definitely needed before attempting this feat.  We are thinking God is walking ahead as we prepare to sell.....with info....with a realtor.......with His timing.  It will sell when it sells and in the mean time we are working hard to get it ready.  Stuff keeps coming up, there are not enough hours in the day, and Joel and I both are hearing from bodies that are weary and sore.  We have come to the conclusion that God is in control here, and He will work it all out together in His timing.  We still feel God has the doors open for us moving to Gold Canyon, but it is not going to be as fast as we thought.  Time will tell.  In the mean time, we are enjoying a very clean house, clear of clutter (except for the office and garage), and soon a new driveway. 

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord,
plans for good and not for evil,
to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Goodness you guys have had quite the journey. Sure will be fun to watch God's timing and His way on getting you moved.

Praying for His blessings, strength, and favor!


Anita Johnson said...

Oh, I know the feeling! Just this past week we accepted an offer on our house and hope to move to our new home mid-September. We have been going there several times a week...I have grown used to it with minimal fun to finally get our things there. I've thought of you often and hope your plans continue to move forward. Im impressed with the physical work Joel can do! My health is stable and I am very grateful!