Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our corner of the world where the weather cannot make up it's mind.  We have a couple of dry days and then the humidity comes back full force.  Then the dry weather returns.  Temperatures remain the same but the dew point and humidity fluxuate greatly.  I don't like it.   Just sayin.

While walking this week we took a couple pictures of the original farmstead here.  Asbury Farm was turned into an subdivision, but the original home and farm still stands with several modifications.  A doctor here in town lives there now and they have put in a manmade pond and other things.  We enjoy seeing the old silo along with the new pagoda on the property. 

The weather lately is not unlike our lives, I expect.  Lately we have been saying, "Life is what happens while you are making other plans..."  and "We make plans and God laughs".    If you read my post Best Laid Plans, you know that our plan to put the house on the market has gone from Plan A to Plan D...and now it is at Plan E.  The cement guys did not come and will not arrive until next week.  The new driveway was delayed last year and then came into fruition right when we were going to put the house on the market.  Then the delay to start digging up the old cement has continued on.  It is what it is.  We have prayed all along that if we are NOT to move to Gold Canyon, God would shut the doors........we are not thinking this is a door shutting, but definitely a bit of a delay in our timing.  Not a surprise to God.

Our oven is finally fixed and we are happy as can be.  Funny how often you want to use your oven in a week.  It is nice to have it back.  AND now we have learned our 2 year old microwave is also acting us and needs a new "megatrone"  Don't ask me what that really is, but I can tell you it definitely needs to be replaced or become a safety hazard.  We are hoping the fridge and dishwasher keep going!

Today as we were walking we met a golden-doodle named Carlie.  She is 4 months old and such a cutie.  Pretty good behavior and so far has only chewed on toilet paper and newspaper.  It makes us long for a dog again, but for now we are keeping those emotions in check.  We also have seen a few deer and a woodchuck this week.  It is amazing to us that we can go north into MN and not see as many deer in the country as we do here in our association or the city. They are unafraid, too, as they are so domesticated. 

Last Saturday we went to a campground to visit some friends who had an open house for their 5th wheel with three pull outs.  It is big and beautiful inside!  They hope to become "full-timers" in the RV world in just a few years.  What adventures they will have!

Sunday we headed to outdoor services at a Lutheran church here in town.  Tomorrow we are heading to a church on the opposite end of the scale from Lutheran traditions.  Should be interesting!  We like checking out new churches and experiencing the many ways people worship.

Yesterday we went to Farmer's Market and picked up some strawberries and a delicious apricot/almond scone that our favorite market venders made.  Delish!

Joel spent one whole day digging up interlocking pavers to be replaced with cement out front.  Then several hours the next day taking apart the porch railing and taking the steps off so we can get new sidewalk laid.  All that physical work, and he was just a little stiff from it.  Amazing for an old guy!  Speaking of old guy.....he never thinks like he is nor speaks of himself like he this is the last time you will hear it from me.  And if you catch me saying we are old again?  Let me know!

I watched the Women's Conference at Bethel Church this week.   It was awesome.  One interesting thing happened that let me know God was speaking to me when the speaker, Lisa Bevere shared her message on being a Lioness.  I go into the garden of my heart when I meditate, and God gives me images and videos of what He wants to share with or say to me.  This week when I went to go into the "garden gate" of my heart, I had a narrow, long shiny rod like object in the backpack I was wearing and it was laying horizontal so I could not get through the gate.  It kept me from entering because it hit the sides of the gate when I tried to walk through.  That same day I watched the taped session of Lisa Bevere and she brought out this long narrow shiny rod like object and released from it a narrow sword.  She said,  "THIS is the sword of the spirit, the Word of God, and today we are going to learn how to wield it!"  It was the same object I was trying to take into the garden and immediately I heard, "You need to know how to use your sword (the Word of God) to wield it in your life!"  Powerful!  I expect I will write more on it as God speaks to me more, but it was just what I needed to hear that day.  One of our daughters says I have a "church crush", and I do.  I have been "Bethelized"!

A friend wanted to borrow a couple books on Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues, and it going through what we have, I began re-reading one titled, "Nine O'clock In The Morning" by Dennis Bennett that I had read 3 years ago.  Being we are now farther along on our journey with Holy Spirit, I have found it very enlightening.  Great book!  Besides reading, we have listened to the conference and watched some TV reruns.  I'm ready for the fall line-up to begin!

Until next time............


Gayle said...

I loved the photos of the farm. WOW, what a vision you had. Thank you for sharing it, I look forward to seeing what the Lord will continue to show you.

Sharon said...

Your husband sounds like mine - he never admits to us getting *older*. In fact, he always quotes his favorite line from the movie Tombstone, "I'm in my prime." And, I believe it. We just spent the last four days helping my son and his wife move to a new place. I cannot believe how hard my hubby worked. I think he put the young ones to shame!!


Renee said...

Thanks Gayle......and you are welcome.