Thursday, December 15, 2016

Deer, Dogs, and Delicacies

Yesterday afternoon five deer were across the street eating "delicacies" the neighbor puts out for the animals.  After eating their fill they came across into our back yard where our neighbor's and our property meets.  Watching out the window Joel noticed that our neighbor let out her husband's dog, Zoe.  We expected to see her take off after the deer but she did not even notice them as they stood at attention a few feet away.  Zoe smelled the ground but then took off in the opposite direction heading up front.  The deer relaxed until the neighbor then put out her little dog on a leash.....That little button of a dog started barking and chasing the long as her leash would allow anyway.  They left in a hurry and in her mind, she had "saved her people from a fate worse than death".

Our dog Jake was the same way.  I remember once several years ago when he saw a huge, and I mean huge dog chained up in a different neighbor's yard in a different area of town.  That dog barked and growled often and no one went near it.  Wone day when we took Jake outside, he saw the dog and took off after it ending up nose to nose with the brute.  As miniature schnauzers do, he hopped and barked simultaneously right smack in front of that dog who's head was nearly as big Jake's body.  We yelled at Jake frantically, and walked towards the stand-off when we saw the dog lift his big ol' paw and flatten Jake to the ground.  He held him still for a few seconds before Jake realized he had met his match and squirmed out from underneath, heading quickly for home.  He never went over there again.  We were grateful for the grace that big old monster dog showed our Jake.

Our yard was busy tonight with a rabbit and those same five deer walking around. They were heading for yet another neighbor's bird feeder.....yet another delicacy.  I think there are as many squirrels and deer as birds that eat there.  Our neighbor seems to enjoy their company.

There are a few analogies that could be pulled forth from these events, I am sure, but I am going to let you think of your own...........and maybe remember your own dog stories!

As we look ahead to minus double-diget temps with wind chills in the -30 to -45 below bracket, we plan to nest here, with homemade soup and afghans to help us along the way.  I wonder if the deer will "stay home" too?  If it is cold in your corner of the arctic tundra, stay warm....keep your animals warm......and share a few memories that make you smile.

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