Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles: Prepare For The Storm

We are nestled in as winter makes itself known outside.  It is cold up here in "north country".  Minnesota has its own definition of winter once you get past Mpls/St. Paul.....definitely when you leave Iowa.  Bitter cold, snow, and wind is being countered with wool socks, sweatshirts and afghans in the house.  Joel and I are thinking we've lost or Minnesota toughness!  Minnesota is a neighbor to North Dakota after all, where they are still digging out from the last storm while waiting for the next.  We were to spend a week in this part of the country, but among other things sickness kept us home in Iowa.  We missed a great play performed by a cast that included some of our grands,  but we were able to attend a recital last night and will see a Christmas Sunday School program tomorrow before we head home again.  It is so nice we can say yes now to invitations!

As we left home early Friday, the temperature was just plain cold!  Joel packed up a bit off extra things like heavy warm boots, etc.  Just in case.  In the past we prepared for winter travel by having an emergency tub full of a few protein bars, candy, water, candles, clothes and even wool blankets/sleeping bags.  Before cell phones it was necessary to be fully prepared when we headed across roads with little activity......Just in case.

I remember one time when my sister Jan was heading home from town in South Dakota and drove into a snow storm.  Unable to see exactly where she was she took the wrong turn and ended up stuck in snow and did not know for sure where she was.  She called her husband and then her pastor asking him to pray!  Eventually a friend took out his truck with a plow on the front and drove along the roads until he found her.  She kept checking in on her phone with her hubby and she had extra clothes in the car, but it was a very scary time for them.  No kidding.  Yes, it is good to be prepared in case you encounter a surprise storm or two.

So what about when storms come into our lives that affect us on the inside?  As we travel through life things come against us and we better be ready.  Just in case.  We need an emergency "kit" to turn to and it is important to have God's number on speed dial!  We have His Word and it needs to be settled in our hearts.........stand firm in what it tells us~~ the promises of God.  The full armor of God is laid out for us clearly in Ephesians.  Helmet of of peace.....belt of truth.....breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, sword of the Spirit.  And prayer?  One of our most powerful weapons.
My sister Jan knew that when she called her pastor and asked him to pray!!

If you live in the upper Midwest, you know winter will come.  You know storms will bring in snow and cold temperatures.  You don't wait until the last minute to get ready.  It is no different with life storms.  They will come, so it is best to be prepared!

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