Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Living Life Outloud

"Live your life outloud so it speaks for itself about who you are."
Michelle Obama

What does our life say about who we are?  What do our words and actions say about us?  I have a sweet friend, Linny, and the way she and her husband Dwight live their life speaks volumes about who they are.  Volumes.

Many but not all of the Saunders family

To some their life looks a little to the right of crazy.  In their late 50's and early 60's, they are still raising nine children at home.  Five others are out changing the world and blessing them with grandchildren besides.  They homeschool, manage a full house, care for medical needs, run a non-profit for the orphans (International Voice of the Orphan), author books, speak across the country, etc., and Dw works part time as a professor of law at a college in Phoenix.  Add to this their many yearly mission trips to Uganda and you can understand why I say that they live their life outloud, so it speaks, no yells Jesus is my King! You can understand why people think they are a little to the right of crazy, but what a wonderful place to be!

They would be the first to say they are not special....just being obedient to God and the passion He laid on their hearts for the orphans.  Just responding to the anointing that was put on them over 20 years ago......before Dwight was a pastor.....before Ruby came into their lives and changed their direction forever.  You can read about Ruby in Linny's book, "Rescuing Ruby".  They said yes to God early in life and just kept saying yes as they surrendered to God's plan and embraced it easily.  The joy for what they do oozes out their cells affecting anyone who stands close to them.

You may not desire or be called to raise children younger than your grandchildren.  You may not desire to homeschool for decades or embrace children that will be "lifers" in need of care.  You   may not be called to go to Uganda, but I can almost guarantee that somewhere deep inside your soul you do desire to live a laid down life for Jesus that is "just a little to the right of crazy".  I know we do.

Life is an adventure........it is hard work, it involves sacrifice and struggles, sure, but it is beautiful, and amazing, and even delightful because of Jesus.  Because we say "YES LORD" and desire to live our life outloud for Him.

Live your life outloud so that that it speaks for iteself volumes about who you are.  Linny and Dwight do so on a daily basis.  We don't need to fully understand it......but I challenge us to seek to live our life outloud for Christ so that it speaks volumes about who we are.  Whose we are.  Thank you Linny and Dw for being that for us.  For Jesus.  For the orphans.  Thank you for living life outloud!


Mom Of Many said...

Renee, Thank you precious friend for such a beautiful post. We love our life and although we should have been empty nesters for the last 13 years (at least) we think we have a pretty amazing gig going on!! We have a blast. And there is never any need for sleeping aids...haha!! ;) Much love, Linny xo

Renee said...

You are welcome. Yes, the love you have for Jesus, your life and your family shines in your faces.....Hugs to you from our chilly corner of the world.

NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, You know I've lost touch with Linny and need to go say hello again. I'm convicted today by your post-I do so little and then when asked to care for neighbors homes and chores for two months, I started having a bad attitude. We need to live our lives out loud, but with a Christ like attitude also. I'm been missing that in my life. Thank you for reminding me!
Sending love and blessings to you and Joel. Praying He blesses you with healing and riches of His glory.

Renee said...

Thanks Noreen......praying for you, too. Have a wonderful Christmas!