Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Sturdy Backpack

I have been reading Tsh Oxenreider's book, "At Home In The World:  Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe" . I am savoring the words she has "penned" the way you do a good dessert.  One spoonful at a time. 

Tsh, her husband, and three kids sold their home, put their belongings in storage and put on sturdy backpacks, making the world their home for nine months.  It has been delightful to see her perspective on life in Asia, Australia, Europe, and more.  It reminds me of a quote that hangs on our wall............

"Adventure will leave you speechless, 
then turns you into a storyteller."  

. Joel and I love traveling adventures, going to places we have not seen before.  We love telling stories too!  Ha......


"Adventure does not always require a sturdy backpack."  
Tsh Oxenreider

Often adventures happen in our own home, community, city.  Sometimes adventures happen as you sit among others in worship.  I remember our adventure at a Lutheran church in CT. as we joined others for a healing conference.  It was there we met face to face our friend Katherine and her family.  A God blessed friendship that continues to this day.    It was also quite an adventure for us to sit under Bethel Church in Redding CA.  We may have been strangers, knowing no one in their congregation of 9,000 members, but it felt like community.  A community of believers seeking all the gifts that God offers!

"We are strangers, but this is community."
Tsh Oxenreider

I believe that God has an abundance of adventures for us to experience, most of which involve a relationship with Him and with others.  Something to do with that "abundant life" He speaks about.  It is true that life throws us difficulties, but even during those times, God offers us more.  He offers to work all things out for good if we love and trust Him. As hard as it can be at times, there is joy to be found in all we experience.   If Helen Keller can speak of life as a daring adventure I expect we all can follow suit.

When we say yes to Him, when we surrender to Him, adventures abound.  Sometimes it requires a  "sturdy backpack" and sometimes the adventure takes place in our own backyard.  Or maybe inside the pages of a book!  Living life to the fullest with our God is a daring adventure whether backpacking across the world, or experiencing life in the place we call home.  Embrace it!

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