Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday's Scribbles: Let There Be Light!

candle and fireplace glow

It is Saturday, in our corner of the world and nature has completely lost her mind.  Mid April and we are in the midst of yet another snow event.  At the moment we are watching it snow......while listening to it thunder!  The forecast is for "only" 3-6 inches here, while just north of us they are to get 6-8.  About 100 miles north of us they are in blizzard conditions with 10-16 inches of wet snow on the way.  Seriously, this is gone beyond strange to crazy.  Spring has lost it's way!

It started last night with a thunderstorm and high winds that took out our electricity for an hour or so.  We had just turned in and were settling into sleep when the TV came back on downstairs and the beeping and whirring of technology came alive........"I'm back.....I'm back."

There is something calming about sitting in the dark with candles for light.  It is peaceful and the silence is almost palpable.  One small candle in the dark provides enough light to see our way.  God's light in the darkness theme in the Bible holds great truth.

Of course that light is the One......Jesus.  Our light in darkness to lead the way.........His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.   The Light of the world.   Jesus.

We are not looking forward to any more storms or  winter with weather or in life, but comfort is near. Even with darkness around us, there is light to be found. In a candle.........and in our Jesus.

 Let there be light!

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Debbie Huffaker said...

It's turned winter in Tennessee again, too...with the wind chills yesterday in the 20's. It was so windy and cold! Brrrr! And.....tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 70's. We're gonna all be sick with a cold/sinus infection! But, I know God isn't at all surprised since He holds the power of the weather in His why should I complain when I know it's His will! ;-) Happy Tuesday, sweet Lady. HOPE you have a wonderful day.