Thursday, September 20, 2018

Warring Sandals and Words of Praise

I woke up with a feeling of anxiety anchored  right in the pit of my stomach.  When did I let go of my peace?  That is a question Pastor Bill Johnson asks himself when he feels any anxiety or undo stress.  Where did I leave my peace?  Anxiety and fear are really the enemy's tools to keep us separated from God, the Lord of Peace and Truth.

I sat quietly with Joel that morning and waited for God......immediately I heard a melody in my head but I could not come up with one word of the lyrics.  I hummed the melody to Joel and he came up with one word.....Lord.  Then eventually  a phrase...."Lord, listen to your children praying..."  With the help of google we came up with an old 70's song........

I closed my eyes again and saw on my feet, unusual sandals.  I asked Him what kind of sandals they were and heard the word "warring".  I then saw a sword in my hand, that turned into a Bible.  The pages of the Bible were turning on their own by a wind.....a Spirit wind I expect.  I heard "Jeremiah" and then "33".  I don't often get scriptures this way, but Joel and I read chapter 33 that morning and I am spending time meditating and studying the chapter and what God wants me to learn from it. I expect it has something to do with the words that jumped out at me in verse 11...."Praise GOD........"  and "sacrifice of praise".  

I confess that part of me wants to say, "enough already"!  Enough with the warring and the praise...but evidently I am still to use praise as a weapon of warfare in my current circumstances.  Get my focus off the problem and on to the solution.  Our Lord really has supplied so many tools for us to walk through life and praise is one mentioned over and over in the Bible.  

I have been reading Ana Werner's new book, "Seeing Behind The Veil" this week.  She mentions often the importance of praise and worship.  It seems to shake up the enemy and his crew of vultures when we praise the name of our God most high.  He hates it.  Not only does it have a devastating affect on Satan but it also centers us as we remember how great is our God!

In some ways, everything we do or say can be a form of worship.  Whether we are taking care of our family, working at a computer, teaching students, sweeping floors, or giving a sermon, we are God's hands and His voice.  We are honoring Him in all we do.  A form of worship and praise.  

So let's just praise the our voice to heaven and praise the Lord in gratitude. Another old worship song!   Jeremiah spoke God's words in chapter 33...

" .......the voice of those who will say,

Praise the Lord of hosts
foe the Lord is good
And His mercy endures forever.

and those who will bring the sacrifice of praise 
into the house of the Lord......."
Jeremiah 33:11

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