Friday, October 12, 2018

Bumps, Bruises, And Hallelujahs

It could have been so much worse.  The what-ifs formed a long list, but the hallelujahs outnumbered them.  The story itself is funny, scary, and as old as time.  

On Wednesday afternoon I was taking something to the garbage bin in the garage, and as I walked briskly to the container I tripped.  I tripped hard over a solid plank of wood Joel has on the floor that guides him where to stop the SUV when he drives in.  I moved forward trying to keep my balance.  First one shoe fell off...........then the other.  As momentum gathered I went at least 10 feet ahead, slamming into the garage door as I went down.  I hit my right upper back and then my head against the garage door, coming down on my left arm and knee before rolling twice and coming to a stop on my belly and face.  My sunglasses flew off the top of my head, my glasses were half off my face, and I found myself laying in a puddle of rain water.  

Joel was watching from the kitchen door, and was frozen at first in fear as he saw and then heard me hit the door and floor.  He said he came over expecting to see blood or a broken limb, or even me laying unconscious.  Meanwhile, anger rose up in me.  and he heard me yell, "NO, NO, NO!  This is NOT happening to me."   It was just two weeks ago I walked into Joel's new office, forgetting you had to step down two steps, and I fell, this time landing on my feet and against a desk.  Now this??!?

If you found yourself giggling when you read my story, I get that.  Later on I did too, but Joel said it was not funny to watch.  It was really scary.........he checked me out before he helped me up and into the house.  It did not take long to be giving thanks that nothing appeared broken or badly hurt.  I got cleaned up, put on comfy clothes and we covered my back from top to bottom with essential oils mixed in coconut oil.  I immediately asked a few prayer warriors to pray and give thanks.  We watched and waited but nothing more came to light.  

Today we are giving thanks that only a few bruises are showing up.  My lower back is always an issue but it is holding and just achy like much of my body.  Stiff and achy, but nothing like we expected! We keep shaking our heads and giving thanks that this body is doing okay after such a bad fall.  Hallelujahs just keep coming!  I'm thinking a guardian angel cushioned my fall.  It could have been so much worse!  These bumps and bruises will fade.  Our hallelujahs expressed with gratitude and thankfulness will last forever!

And that plank of wood on the garage floor??  I have bumped into that before and this time, well, this time was the very last time that will be happening.  It is gone.  And a tennis ball hanging down from the ceiling of the garage has replaced it!  At least I can't trip over that!


Anita Johnson said...

Ouch, glad you are basically ok! We use tennis balls too!

Renee said...

The tennis balls are a much safer idea!