Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday Thoughts

Today I am giving thanks for my laptop computer that I have affectionately named "Libby" (Liberty) for the freedom it gives me. It was nearly a year ago that our family gathered together for Thanksgiving. Our oldest son and our daughter-in-love, and their 3 came a couple hours early and presented me with a huge surprise~ a laptop!! Our DIL had purchased it only a year ago and had decided to get a new one....she gave me her "old" one! I have been using it every single day since and love love love it. What a precious gift! My chronic illnesses come with a lot of chronic pain so having a laptop saves me not only energy, but higher pain levels. Since I am homebound, it expands my world!

Today I am giving thanks for surprise gifts and those who give them. I am giving thanks that I can sit in my recliner, all cozy and comfortable and be online...meeting new friends, and connecting with the world! I am giving thanks for Libby and all the convenience and community, and she brings into my life ~ and I am giving thanks for loved ones and their gifts of love.


Jan Lyn said...

Yes! I am so thankful for my computor as well. What a terrific surprise gift to receive and you are so right about them expanding our world. I was never really a "technical" person, but have grown to be so blessed by all the interaction of other believers and those with chronic pain online. They~~and you inspired me all the time. I love how you named it Libby, for Liberty. You have a way of seeing God's good gifts in all things.

Jan Lyn
PS-I am STILL in awe of the photo of the autumn tree in your header. Love, love, love it!

Lisa Buffaloe said...
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Lisa Buffaloe said...

I'll join you in the thankfulness for laptops. I haven't named mine, but I am sooo grateful for the portability.

Have a wonderful evening, sweet lady. I'm praying for you!

Renee said...

Hi Jan Lyn
I too really have been blessed by the interaction with other believers and fellow bloggers with chronic illnesses.
Glad you like the photo of the is at the end of our culdesac and we always enjoy it too.

Renee said...

Thanks Lisa!!! They are an amazing piece of technology aren't they.

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Hi Renee,

I have an award for you over on my blog.

Thank you for being such a sweet friend!