Monday, May 3, 2010

Memorial Box Monday: Here After All!

Memorial Box Mondays was started by Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity. Every Monday several bloggers share their memories of how God has shown His faithfulness and blessed their lives over the years. We store objects in our Memorial Boxes to remind us of those times. Today I will store a paper concerning what medications I can tolerate that I received from the hospital right before my surgery 6 weeks ago.

I have many stories to share about how well God worked out the details up to and after my surgery, and I have shared a couple already. Today, once again, the memory that came to mind has to do with that time.

The GYN doctor had requested I see the anesthesiologist and speak to him personally about my special needs since I have so many reactions to chemicals and medications. At first they had refused to see me telling the nurse to just send over my chart. The doctor insisted they see me so they reluctantly they agreed. We did not know what to expect when we went 10 days later. We need not have worried. The head surgery nurse first talked to us for over an hour taking detailed notes from my Lyme doctor's report and from us. Then the Dr. came in and we talked to him. When he left he said, I don't know if I will be the anesthesiologist who will be there for your surgery, it will depend on the schedule. We were pretty bummed about that because we did not know if the next person would be as informed beforehand, but we went home and prayed about it. We really felt like this doctor was the one who needed to be there for me in the surgery room.

My surgery time was scheduled and we were ready to go. On the Friday night before my Tuesday surgery the phone rang at 9pm. It was the hospital and they were rescheduling my surgery from 11am to the first slot of the day on Tuesday ~ and they were calling late on a Friday night?! They felt it would work better for my special needs to go first. When we arrived at the hospital Tues. morning, we checked in and about an hour later here came the anesthesiologist. to give me an injection. It was the same Dr. who had spent all the time with us going over my special circumstances! I said to him, Oh, you are here after all!" He replied, Oh, it just worked out that way." I said, "I don't think so..this is an answer to prayer!"
All went well that day, with no complications. I discovered later that this doctor even had all the new plastic equipment washed off so I would have less of a reaction to it. He followed all my Lyme Doctor's requests to a T and I was able to get through the surgery and hospital stay without any reactions. Another way God worked in the details~! God is so good and I have seen His goodness revealed over and over again in my life, and especially in the past 7 weeks. His love for us is unconditional and amazing!


Andrea said...

GOD is amazing!
Blessings, andrea

Shannon said...

Renee! I love hearing this! God cares so deeply. He knew just what you needed. thanks for being such an inspiration to me!!!

Jan Lyn said...

Thank you God and thanks, Renee for sharing it with all of us. Your testimony is not only uplifting but a reminder to me that God knows all our needs. That's so comforting as I go into a simple procedure Thursday, but am having an allergic reaction that may be a deal breaker. A friend brought this verse to mind to me today from Matthew 6:34

"Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes."

His provisions are perfect.

Love to you,
Jan Lyn

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I'm so glad that your needs were taken care of, Renee. God is so awesome! HE IS THERE ALL THE TIME!

Thank you for praying for my cousin and her husband. Now that Jim is gone, my cousin Cynthia has a lonely road ahead of her. Her mother lives in another city and therefore she cannot visit whenever she wants. I pray that she gets to know the Lord through all of this. I can't imagine losing someone you love and not having the Lord in one's life!

Hope you have a lovely weekend and a very special Mother's Day.