Friday, May 14, 2010

Please Watch And Be Informed

May 12th was CFIDS/CFS/ME Awareness Day. This debilitating illness is often misunderstood by those who come across it. Today, in honor of those who do suffer with this life changing illness ~ including my husband Joel and myself, I am posting this video with the hope that you will take the 6 minutes needed to view it.

Some people are able to function at 30-50% of their former selves, others are bedridden or homebound, and a select few regain nearly all their health back. On a side note, Joel functions at 40% and I am one of the homebound ~ with our illnesses complicated by Lyme Disease. Those of us fighting this illness do not want pity or even expect clear understanding. Across the board we want people to be informed and accepting. A cure is needed. Thank you.


Dominique said...

I love this video... I think it is one of my favorites!

Crystal Mary said...

I watched this video and realised, Yes it is sad..
This might sound silly, but with much experience one thing I am aware of. The need for Live food in the diet.
Live is fresh, with plenty of raw. The best way for this is via fresh fruit and vegitables put through a juicer and consumed immediately. A couple of these on an empty stomach per day, helps alot. It detox's the liver. Toxins weigh the body down and make the circulation sluggish. Circulation, with the oxygen in the blood, replenishes cells, revitalising them so that they are able to perform to capacity. Healthier, heart, brain, lungs etc.
Anyhow, its worth a try. God bless you heaps. Hugs