Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mind Renewal

"Be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life."
Proverbs 23:7

I was thinking about the purging of old meds, herbs, and supplements that I accomplished a couple of days ago, and how I carried that over into purging my heart of unwanted "stuff" too.  Spending time pondering this process, I soon realized  that I needed to include a good cleansing of my mind, too.

Truth be told, this is a difficult process.  It is not easy to get rid of the old tapes we play over and over ~ the ones that discourage us more than encourage us!! And what about how we talk to ourselves?  Would we ever say to others what we so easily declare over ourselves?  It is also easy to fill up our minds with garbage.  The  "garbage" we watch.  The TV ads alone are enough to depress a person!

Last week during pastor Rick Warren's sermon, he talked about how important our thoughts are.  They help shape our identity.  Warren reminded us that " We don't have to believe everything we think.". He went on to say, "We can choose what we think about.". The most important way we change how we think is with the Word of God.  We put the truth of Gods Word in us every time we open our Bible.  The scriptures help us renew our minds.

Cleansing and renewing the mind is a daily process, but not impossible.  After all, God supplied us with just what we need!  

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