Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Purging "Stuff"

On my other blog that speaks of my healing journey, I wrote about purging our cupboards of all the medications, supplements, and herbs that Joel and I took for years in the attempt to rid our bodies of Lyme Disease.  With the power of prayer, we both are now free of Lyme.  Joel is doing extremely well, and I am doing much better but not "there" quite yet. In time!

As I thought how great it made me feel to get rid of all that stuff, my mind went to all the other things I might be holding on to---"stuff" that no longer or never did serve any purpose.

Maybe there is a resentment I think is justified......or a fear that continues to control me.  Maybe there is a hidden sin I need to repent of, or a festering hurt that is taking up valuable space and is depleting my energy.  Maybe, just maybe, it is time once again to go through the cupboards of my heart and do a little purging.

 When I purged our cupboards of all those bottles and jars, I felt empowered.  The more I dumped in the garbage the stronger my sense of freedom.  I know that would apply to all the stuff I need to dump from my heart, too.  In His infinite wisdom God has instructed us to forgive, love, and confess.

Yesterday I purged the bottles and praised God that the season for those treatments
 has passed.  Today I am going to start purging all the junk in my heart and praise God for filling those now empty places with His healing love.


Joan said...

Renee - Praise God for your healing!

I love what you said about purging hearts - I know that I certainly could use a little heart purging.

Great post!


Sharon Evans said...

Renee I know that the Lord is going to do some wonderful work on your heart and that that great healing will continue. Praying for you.