Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

My Saturday's Scribbles posts have a new home!  I have closed out my other blog and will be maintaining only one Cyber residence now.  It feels good, it feels right.  Usually on Saturday I share bits and pieces of our world and the world at large.  Jumping from one topic to another~~scribbling down my random thoughts and memories.  So, welcome friends!

We woke up to rain today.  Again.  It has been a very wet summer, but it is hard to complain when forest fires rage in CO and CA, record breaking heat scorches the earth in the southwest, and flooding  is pocketing areas of our country.  We do have a record crop of mosquitoes and ticks to avoid that local doctors say are "bringing in strange infections", but we still have our home!

Speaking of home,  we have a certain someone who periodically visits us who leaves a dark cloud of negativity when their presence is gone.  Have you ever experienced that?  Ugh.....I find myself guarded and crabby around this person and wanting to walk around blessing my home long after they have left because their dark energy hangs in the air.  So, what to do?  Pray *pray *pray.....bless *bless *bless...praise*, praise *praise!  I refuse to partner with such negative, dark thinking.

Speaking of partnering, tomorrow Joel and I celebrate our 45th wedding Anniversary.  We are so very blessed to still be facing each sunrise together, and are excited about what the future holds! We met at The Lutheran Bible Institute in Golden Valley Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb, in 1966!. Now here we are 45 years later discussing going back to Bible college!  You might call that coming full circle.........or something else?

On Wednesday Joel put a new odometer on his recumbent bike and took it out for spin to test it.   A short time later he came home with good news and bad news as he called it.  The odometer worked well, but he took a bad fall on his bike.  He was covered with blood, mud, and water as his fall ended with him sliding across the asphalt and landing in a mud puddle.  He lost quite a bit of skin off his arm and there are a few cuts added to the abrasions where his watch was torn right off his wrist! He had trouble sitting for a day or sleeping on his side due to his hip being bruised, but he is recovering quickly due to a big dose of healing prayer and Neosporin,  and is out on a bike ride as I write! He is determined to keep riding!

Speaking of determination......I am still walking 20-23 minutes a day which is really a big deal for me.  Yay!  We even managed a walk when it was 89 degrees and the dew point was 71.  There are times my body tells me no with a myriad of symptoms, but granny warrior is  making her own rules right now, working hard to walk out her healing!

We picked up 5 quarts of organic strawberries from a nearby farm and managed to freeze a few bags after enjoying some great tasting red fruit in salads, on coconut bliss and saved enough for tonight's pancakes.  Yum!  So far we have not heard from our favorite Mennonite blueberry growers........sure hope they have a good crop to share this year.

Joel celebrated his 67th birthday this past week.  He says it is amazing to be 67 and look back on so many years.  We are so grateful to God for the healing that has taken place.  Joel is able to walk through each day healthy and it often has us doing a happy dance after years of disability.  Thank you Jesus!

Our oldest son and his boy were on a Scout camping trip this past week.  They had so much rain the ground squished when they walked. Sleeping out in tents during storms is not my idea of fun, well actually sleeping in a tent in any situation is not my idea of fun, but it sounds like they had a good time considering the circumstances.  One of our SIL's was off in Canada fishing the week before.....this year they had indoor plumbing and electricity, a real luxury it seems.  We once took a family trip for a month heading out to Washington state visiting the sights, friends, and two places we had lived in Montana along the way.  We took our 9 passenger station wagon, our dog Jake, and 6 kids on what the kids call "the trip".  We had a tent camper and extra pup tent for sleeping and cooked most of our meals.  It really was a great trip and we have many good memories from it. 

Not much on TV for summer shows yet, although we did watch Rizolli and Isles.  We like shows that have a bit of humor and a lot of relationship thrown in the mix.  We have watched a few Biblical teachings on the true nature of God and  I have been reading another Guideposts book and re-reading Pastor Paul Teske's book, "Healing Today". What are you reading?

Until next time...............


NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, Our lives, despite a few setbacks are blessed indeed. So glad you hubby wasn't injured more; great job on your walking. I loved hearing your travel memories.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Renee said...

Thanks for coming by Noreen....I read your blog but don't comment often. Your dog Hunter is a cutie!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to Joel - and Happy Anniversary to you both! A week of great celebrations!

As to the cloud of negativity - oh yes, I get it. I have an *irregular* person in my life right now, and it's so disheartening to be around them. Sometimes, it's downright toxic. But, I am finding that God is using this person to shave off even more of the *rough spots* in me.

Sorry for the accident, Joel! But kudos to you both for keeping up exercise. I really need to get started on something!!


Ginny said...

Welcome to your new cyber home. I need to bookmark it, follow it or something. I just enter from facebook.

It's been incredibly HOT here. In the 100's. I can pretty much do 90's these days, but I have struggled with this heat wave. It's actually put a damper on my walking. It's supposed to cool down this weekend so back to the grind I will go. ;-) You are keeping up well with your walking too it sounds like. I know some days it's harder than others, but I try to soldier on on some days too.

Happy 45th to you and Joel. I am so happy for you guys. Pat and I just celebrated our 17th and it was so fun, so sweet. I love anniversaries.

The Bible college where you were sounds exciting. I first thought Joel would be teaching...but it sounds like you are considering being students?

How is Joel doing now after his crash?

I picked up some pretty yummy blackberries the other day. So delicious. One thing I love about California is the yummy fruit, yet we miss the fish from Alaska. It's a trade off, I guess. ;-)

Have a great week, Renee.

Hugs to you,

Renee said...

Hi Sharon
Thanks! Joel is healing well and quickly. We ave been walking no matter what. Since God told me to walk out my healing I have been trying to be obedient!

Renee said...

You really have had the heat haven't you. Yikes! Yes, I am walking daily and increasing as I can. We went to a Lutheran Bible college in 1966, this one we are considering is not Lutheran.
Joel is healing well and quickly. I would love some of your fruit choices in CA!