Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Warms Your Heart?

Today I am in my recliner all decked out in my corduroy knit pants, hooded sweatshirt, and wool slippers.  I know.  It is June 4th and I am dressed for winter.  My body is in a "shut down" mode and when this occurs I need to stay warm.  The only thing missing is my wool comforter, affectionately named "Wooly", but that seemed like overkill, even with March temperatures on this cold rainy day in June.

After years of battling chronic illness I know how to warm my body.  But in my present frame of mind.............I needed to revisit the answers to the following question~~

"What warms my heart?"

Encouraging words, praise music, hugs from my hubby, porch sitting, a text or phone call from one of the kids......these are all things that warm my heart. Maybe your list is similar.  But we need more. We need to fill our hearts with the Word of God.  God's promises.  His voice.  Today I read a quote on Facebook by Stormie Omartian that spoke on this.

" The more you put God's Word in your mind, 
the more you will hear God's voice speaking you your heart."

Yes, God's voice will warm our hearts.  On cold days, seasons of change, or times of discouragement,  staying "warm" is a good thing. Spirit, soul, and body~ each has its own needs and God provides for them all.  So, if you are having a tough day, wrap up in comfy clothes, turn on your favorite praise music and open God's Word.  It will warm you heart.


Jane Emerson said...

Thank you Renae for these wonderful words of encouragement. Praying for you today and asking God to bless you and Joel and all your family.

Could you remember our son Luke next Friday? He is being Ordained into the ministry. Thank you! It has been an interesting and blessed four years for him and his family.
Jane Dahl Emerson

Renee said...

Yes, will pray for Luke...what adventures await him!