Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Something More

Over 30 years ago I read a wonderful book by well known author Catherine Marshall entitled, "Something More".  In it she shares about her relationship with God and how much it was deepened when Holy Spirit became a bigger part of her life.  I am feeling the same way.

On Friday, June 14th we headed up to Minnesota to a healing service.  The service was presented by the Healing School at Charis Bible College in CO.  I watch it live stream every Thursday afternoon so I was excited to see they were branching out and coming to our corner of the world. 

The service started before seven with an hour of worship music, then a Biblical teaching on healing before people came forward to the prayer ministers for healing prayer.  Of the 650 people there I expect that 400 or more came up for prayers.  We waited in line 1 1/2 hours for "our turn". 

I have shared Joel's story here, but not my own.  It has taken me several days to digest it all.  It was awesome and life-changing. 

I was blessed to have Daniel, the leader of the healing and worship program pray for me. Amazing.  He declared what is called words of knowledge over me, sharing something personal that he could not have known about.  It was from Holy Spirit and touched me greatly.  I immediately felt washed in love.  Then Daniel prayed for my requests.  While he was praying I fell under the power of God. Some call it being "slain in the Spirit."   Daniel laid hands on me, prayed, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor thinking, "I am on the floor!"  I did not feel myself go down, actually I felt nothing, but joy and love.  I was not afraid, I knew it was from God.  I look at it as being overcome by God's powerful love.

My symptoms did not leave, but I have felt a surge of energy and joy.  I know I am healing because I was healed!!    Does that make sense?  It does to me!  The energy and joy have continued.  For the past 9 days I have walked twice as far as before, now at 22 -23 minutes each time.  What fun!  Even more important for me is the Father's love that has gone from a "knowing" to experiencing.  The rest is coming! 

I am very aware that healing, prayer languages, and falling under God's power makes some people uncomfortable.  I can only tell you that after being a Christian for 52 years, a graduate of a Bible college, and a Lutheran pastor's wife who has been deeply involved in his ministry over most of the last 33 years~~~~~I never expected to be learning and growing and finding myself in a much deeper relationship with God than I thought possible.  I can only describe it like Catherine Marshall did, even titling her book the same.  There is ~ "Something More".    These older,  life-long Lutherans would not have missed this part of our journey for anything.

God has asked us to step out on the water and answer the call of something more.  We are so grateful!  As we move forward with all our loving Father-God has planned for our lives, I am reminded of a song I like to sing~~

"Can you hear the voice of the Father
Inviting you to walk on the water
Risk it all.....answer the call........and enter in."


Michelle Holderman said...

Renee, this is so wonderful!!! You must be in awe! Yes there is more in God!! The closer I get to Him and the more I learn; the more I realize His depths are endless. I am so happy for you and rejoice with you both!! Thanks so much for sharing. He is so awesome! Can't wait to hear what more you experience as the days go by. Much love to you!! \0/

Renee said...

We are excited, that's for sure....it is so true, Michelle His depths are endless...it makes me hunger for more...even when I feel yucky like today I think on what I experienced and am so so grateful...

Michelle Holderman said...

Renee, I relate to what you're saying. Your spirit is absolutely soaring while your physical body is still not feeling well. I've experienced that more time than I can tell and have been lately too. I've learned that my spirit will literally drag my body on where it needs to go; if that makes sense. As you said in another post, only God. Only He can keep us through it all. Rest and hugs to you.