Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Appraiser

This morning an appraiser came as part of our adventure in refinancing our house.  It was odd to have someone we did not know come through our home taking measurements, photos and notes. We were looking  at our home through a stranger's eyes.

Joel and I saw this from different, but telling perspectives.  Joel was proud of all the work we did or had done by professionals in the past nine years.  The list is extensive.  We took an ugly duckling and created a swan...or close to it.  He saw great changes and a nice house. I saw all the work that was done, BUT I focused on the things that still needed work!  I said nothing but found myself anxious and wanting to tell this guy our future plans for renovations.

Very telling.

Joel knows what still needs to be done but is able to find joy in what has been accomplished. I see all the changes, and I am happy about them.....but I find myself easily forgetting what has changed for the better, and am drawn to what is not done.

Whether it is our home or the person I see in the mirror, the flaws can stand out as eyesores for me! And yet I know we have a nice home and I know that I have been "fearfully and wonderfully made"!  I know that I am enough because of Jesus.  The other day The Lord whispered to me......" You are so much harder on yourself than I would be on you."

Some day we will all stand before The Appraiser, our Lord.  Will He be a stranger to us or will we know Him well?  What will He see?

Because of Jesus, because of Father God sending His only Son to die for us, He will see that we are fearfully and wonderfully made!  He will see us through His Son's light!  He will see us forgiven, flawless, and  whole.  Because of His love for us we can stand strong on that final day, knowing we are no longer flawed or unfinished.  Because of Jesus.

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