Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

Another hot one!  We are having unseasonably warm weather for September with temperatures in the high eighties or low nineties, then followed by chilly nights and days in the mid-seventies.  Hot and then normal...Hot and then normal.  I don't think the weather can make up it's mind. 

Speaking of making up one's mind, we finally decided to head out to CT late this fall to attend a healing conference put on by Pastor Paul Teske who wrote the book, "Healing Today."  It is a small conference in size and length, but it is "big" because we will be driving.  Staying in hotels......eating out.....riding for hours in the car.....ALL things I don't do or enjoy!  If we had a RV we would travel that way, but alas that is still a wish away. With my encouragement Joel called and talked to Pastor Teske this past week,, and that kind of sealed the deal.  Two Lutheran pastors the same age who were in the military, went to seminary, serving congregations, plus speak in tongues and were healed overnight!  We are excited to go and to also meet face-to-face my sweet friend Katherine, who is going to the conference.  We look at it as investing in our lives.

Yesterday we went to the park for morning devotions.  The annual Civil War enactment was being set up, but not many people were there yet.  All of a sudden during devotions a cannon went off a short distance away causing us both to jump.  A word came out of my mouth that I will not share here!  Good grief it was loud!  This morning Joel is down at the park checking things out and getting a good whiff of wood smoke as he described it.  For reasons beyond my understanding he loves the smell of wood smoke. 

Tomorrow the girl we fostered for 4 years is coming by with her family.  We have not met her husband or children so it will be nice to meet them and catch up on Denise's life.  We do connect on Facebook and at Christmas but it has been years since we have been together. 

Did anyone see that little guy on YouTube and GMA who is 5 and plays the piano brilliantly.  He has a photographic memory and some form of autism I believe.  I miss hearing the piano played in our home.  I cannot play, but our children all took lessons and our two oldest girls are exceptionally good!  Last summer at the reunion they hosted, they played for everyone and I could have sat for hours and listened.  My mom was gifted in the same way.

We are going to a fundraiser today for a friend who is battling Lyme Disease.  She, like me, went undiagnosed for over 20 years.  Thanks to Joel speaking about his healing from Lyme, she went and was tested and finally got the right diagnosis.  It is great to see so much information being put out in the media now and also that the CDC is actually being forthright on the number of cases each year.  They publically announced that they have underestimated the number of new cases each year and now say instead of 30,000 cases there are 300,000 cases!!!!  NOW it is time to find a cure!

We watched a good movie last night called "Emperor".  Historical, but of course with a Hollywood flare.  It is about General MacArthur and General Fellers and how they helped re-establish Japan after the war.  Very interesting  I have not been reading much this week due to sinus issues causing dizziness.  Yuck.  This too shall pass.  Still walking dizziness or not ~this week I walked 1.5 miles three times and a mile the rest of the days...Yay!  Farmer's Market, a hair cut (she comes to my home) and a good house cleaning rounded out our week.  So how was your week? 

Until next time................


Kim said...

You've been busy! It sounds like we swapped weather. It's finally feeling like fall here with temps in the low 70s. I hope your road trip to CT goes well. You'll be passing right by us on the way! Hope your weekend continues to go well. :)

Ginny said...

I'm ready for cooler temps and fall colors for sure.

The healing conference sounds wonderful. I hope your journey there is full of blessings, and how fun to meet your friend, Katherine. YAY!

Seeing Denise and catching up sounds lovely. I hope you all enjoy eachother.

I know what you mean about the piano. Matthew played the guitar as well as many other instruments. I miss that sound in the house so much. My mom's family is very gifted, I am not. I am glad Matthew is though. He can play about anything he picks up. Music in the house, ah, I love it.

I'm hoping with the CDC's acknowledgement more will become known about Lyme. I am also hoping soon insurance will begin to pay. But mostly, I'm hoping people won't have to suffer the way some of us have.

I hope you have a good week. I've been pretty sick so I haven't commented much but your last post about Forgiving Your Goliath really spoke to me. Thanks for continuing to write. It always touches me in some way. You and are my blessings.

Much love,

Sharon said...

My, you guys have been busy! I so enjoy reading your posts - they're like miniature diary entries - a peek into your world!


Anita Johnson said...

I have had a good week too, but it is hot hot hot here...92 today. I would love the kind of driving trip you are making, I'm like a dog about car rides and would be happy to have my head and camera hanging out the window! That could be a sight. praying for good health and safety while traveling and continued healing for you!
(PS Like Joel,I love the smell of burning wood too!)