Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

Good morning to you from our corner of the world.  We have had rain, heat and humidity, cold, and thunderstorms that shook the house this week. The rain has been welcome since we have been in a drought here. 

Speaking of the rain, we went to the Farmer's Market on the wind, cold, and rain.  We like buying from a family that raises their produce without chemicals.  They have the best everbearing strawberries.  Of course we stood ~ in the rain~ and visited with them.  They are so nice that by the time we left we had also purchased a jar of their daughters homemade lemon jelly! We like to get to know people, but when you do it is hard to say no to what they are selling. Ha!  Their daughter is an adorable young lady that reminded us of our grandchildren  By the way, the lemon jelly was really quite tangy and good.
I managed to walk a mile some days, even in a light rain once.  Moving on.  Joel and I have gotten the curtains up now in the guest room. The guest room that is seldom used but now at least looks nice.  We did a bit more shopping and Joel will officiate at another outdoor wedding today.  A bit chilly!

I watched Pastor Rick and Kay Warren on Pierce Morgan last night.  Such a tragic story of their son's mental illness and suicide.  Speaking of tragedy, shootings like those at the Navy Yard and the park in Chicago continue to confound and disturb me. Where do we find the answers for change........  I also watched the CNN special on Prince William and his passion for the animals in Africa and of course his thoughts on being a father.    It was difficult to watch and again, it is beyond my understanding how heartless people can be.

Did any of you watch the Dancing With The Stars season premiere?   It is nice to have a show on that is pure enjoyment.   We also watched the opening episode of Survivor on Wednesday because they are once again in the Philippines.  I noticed they were on an island in Luzon Strait.  I am thinking it is closer to the P.I. than to Taiwan, but I don't know for sure.  We lived two years there, and visited Taiwan for a few days too.  The Philippines certainly shaped our lives in ways we still talk about.

Speaking of traveling, we are planning our trip to CT and NYC.  We have discussed where to go and for how long, and are coming closer to the idea of spending more time in NYC as it will probably be the only time we go there.  We want to see it all, and even though Joel could think of many other places he would rather be than a crowded big, and I mean big city, he is willing.  Yay!

I think after two weeks, several hours of talking with 3 service people, 3 new IP addresses, a technician fixing our line, and eventually a new modem/router we are back online without any hitches.  I am not holding my breath, but thinking we have finally found the problem and eliminated it.  Yes!  Isn't technology wonderful!  Good thing all the conveniences of iPhones, iPads, laptops, and computers outweigh the frustration of keeping them running. I sure depend on mine.

We will be having company this morning.  For several years we were PATH licensed foster parents when we lived in Minnesota.  The girl who lived with us for four of her teenage years during that time is coming by with her family for a visit.  They were to come by two weeks ago but their son got sick.  We have never met her husband or kids so we are looking forward to seeing them all. 

Joel surprised me this week by repairing  an adorable angel that was broken.  I had forgotten all about it but Joel found it in some of his stuff and fixed it for me!  Over the years I have collected a few angels and cardinals.  Two of my favorite "flying things".  Do you like to collect things?

I have been reading another relaxing Guideposts book in the Lighthouse series.  I enjoy reading blog posts too. There are some really great writers in the blogging world!

Until next time.......


Pat stotler said...

Hi Renee. I spend most of my time alone. when I read the Saturday scribbles it feels like I had a little visit with you.
I am very grateful my brother gave me an iPad so much easier to use than a computer.

Anita Johnson said...

Nice to catch up here...glad you are doing well. I too have been saddened by all the violence in the world. So shocking to even think about.
it has been cool and somewhat rainy here too and we are seeing signs of fall color. I'm sorry I missed of the only reality shows I enjoy!

Sharon said...

Sounds like you've been busy!

Yes, I am also saddened by the terrible news in the world. And yet, I am reminded that at some point the Lord will return!

Do I collect things? Yes, a LOT of things - I am a pack rat for sure! One of my favorite collections, though, is my collection of antique irons. Honestly, I don't know how those women did it. They must have had arms of steel!


Renee said...

Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts here......