Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday afternoon!  It has been a beautiful Fall week here. Today the temperature dropped thirty degrees from yesterday's high,  and we are getting some rain!  Yay....we really need it. 

Even though the weather was pretty nice this week, my pain levels were not, so I did not walk much.  The antibiotics I took did more than kill bacteria so I spent several days recovering from "that which is to help us".  I did bake some carrot muffins and bread, hung out on the porch, and did a lot of studying scriptures.  Yesterday we put in a full day with clothes shopping, a trip to Farmer's Market, nurse appointment, and a quick stop at Cabin Coffee for a fruit smoothie.  Our favorite to share is mango-squash, strawberries, mixed berries, and peach- apricot-pear.......all combined!  Quite tangy.  Of course Joel introduced me to this since he loves to try new things!  We always have said, it is a good thing we do not drink much as we like mixing things!

We purchased quite a few squash grown without chemicals at the market,  and will bake it up and freeze it this weekend.  We like to do that with blueberries too, as you all know, but find that when we freeze strawberries they are watery when thawed.  My sister Jan freezes a lot of corn but we eat little corn here, so don't bother with it.  We also brought home some pumpkins and gourds to enjoy.  As I have said for years, I love fall.....all the colors, smells, sounds, weather.  My time of year! 

Speaking of Fall, today we walked down along the river in the rain....felt wonderful.  The rain just clears the air and makes everything smell so fresh this time of year.  The trees and bushes are starting to turn colors.  Look at the vines wrapping around this tree..... Isn't it beautiful?!

Last Saturday a woman who lived with us for four years when we were foster parents, stopped by with her family. We had such a nice visit and got to know her husband and kids a bit. It was nice to reconnect and see how well she is doing.

Joel spent quite a bit of time in his garage shop this week sorting, purging, and organizing.  He also built doors for a work cupboard that holds his electric saw. He has been working on a bookcase for our son Mark that he started years ago before Lyme.  So nice to see him out in his shop again!

We purchased a new waffle of those that you flip the whole iron over when you are cooking it?  We were wondering if we would like this "change" and we are delighted.  The waffles are deep and fluffy and taste better for some reason than the ones we cooked on our old iron that went to the land of broken appliances.  Since we enjoy pancakes or waffles nearly every Saturday night, it is serious business when we don't have a working iron!

Have you been watching much TV during premiere week?  We enjoyed watching NCIS, Dancing With The Stars, Castle, Blue Bloods, and Survivor again.  We are trying to watch more comedies and less drama we did watch Last Man Standing, which Joel likes a lot,  Michael Fox, and Modern Family.  Our kids have been encouraging us to get into Modern Family and we did find parts of it funny.  Laughter is the best medicine, but it is hard to find humor "now days" that we appreciate.

Last night we visited with our grandson Grant and today our grandson Noah and his dad Mark called.  Isn't the phone, Skype, and texting wonderful when you cannot give in-person hugs?!?!  I used to talk to my mom every week and still miss that with her death 12 years ago.  Relationships are so important for us.  Our relationship with God and with others. 

I finished another Guideposts Lighthouse book and am reading the next one.  I ordered a few books with a gift card I had~ "Crazy Love", "Hearing  101" , and another book on Healing will soon be coming my way.

What are you reading?

Until next time...........


Sharon said...

I am reading a fiction book about a detective in London during the 1800's. I still love a good mystery book!

The weather has been very sunny, though at night we are beginning to feel that autumn *crisp* in the air!


Debbie Huffaker said...

I enjoyed the new Michael J. Fox show, too. But, my favorite "newbie" was Blacklist....lots of drama, but a very good show!!! HOPE you're feeling lots better this week!

Renee said...

Hi Sharon Your book sounds interesting......I love mysteries too.

Renee said...

Hi Debbie, we watched Blacklist too. It was pretty intense!! Thanks for the good wishes for better health.