Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Do You Think?

Yesterday Joel and I watched two hours worth of teaching by a self-proclaimed evangelist.  He was very charismatic, bringing humor into his preaching, but somewhere under the surface of his showmanship rose disturbing teachings of God's Word.  Very quickly we both became more than a little uncomfortable and upset, but we kept watching.  Why?  Because we both felt led by God to do so.

He spoke about God wanting to bless us richly with not just what we need but what we desire, and then went on to brag about living in the biggest house in the state of Louisiana-which a google search estimated to be a 36,000 square foot mansion. (That is not a type-o).  He spoke about how he is such a just man that he goes for days without sinning.  Okay, isn't bragging and being prideful a sin??  He also made what we considered to be anti- semantic jokes.  Not OK.

There was sound teaching woven into some of his message, but it did not erase the arrogance with which we felt he spoke.  And hearing the gospel used to promote personal financial gain was very disturbing, but we kept watching because we felt God had led us to so do.  This man is bringing the gospel to millions on TV and when he travels around the world.  On Monday he was a guest speaker at one of our favorite ministries. This in itself was disturbing.

The Bible tells us God wants the best for us.  He delights in us!  Rejoices over us. Does  the best include a mansion?  I struggle with that.  I find those who preach this kind of prosperity gospel ......okay, I will say it.......disgusting.......because I can't help but wonder how many average people who live on an average or below average income are providing for this man's lavish lifestyle.  I could be wrong.  We could be wrong. It could be our own "issues" getting in the way.   So we are leaving his message in God's hands and focusing on what God's message is for us.

We just have to get past our discomfort and disgust to figure it out!

Just what do you think of the prosperity gospel that is being preached by so many?  Let me know.....I would love to hear.

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Meli n Pat said...

I think it is very sad. It seems so clear to me when one reads the Word that this is so not true. It makes me really sad that this is so prevalent not just in the U.S., but all over the world. I just pray that God will be shared despite these reckless movements.