Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Story To Share

Today Joel and I went to the large Lutheran church here in town to speak during a luncheon.  We had been asked to speak on our healings and it was great fun to do so.  Well, after I got over being nervous about it anyway.  It was a small gathering of people, mostly around our age, who listened to us speak for about an hour.  Counting Joel, four pastors were in attendance.

After we finished speaking, more than one person came up to share their own stories of a healing, Holy Spirit encounters, or receiving the gift of a prayer language.  No one spoke of it to the group, only one-on-one with us.  In our Lutheran world, visions, speaking in tongues, and healings are not really talked about very much, but what we are learning is that God is working behind the scenes in mainstream churches.....people are just too uncomfortable to talk about it.  Maybe like me, they wonder how others will respond to what they have to share.  It makes me sad but it also makes me more determined to keep sharing our own stories and reaching out to others to listen to theirs.  Our stories are His stories too. 

After most of the group left we prayed with a woman who had asked Joel for prayer earlier.   She is an aquaintance Joel has known a long time.  We prayed, laying hands on her, and speaking to her health concern.  I confess, I love doing this.  I love commanding sickness to get out in Jesus name.  I love when Jesus lets us be a part of seeing His healing power at work.

We have done so just a few times so far.  One man came over to our home and asked for prayer for pain in his hip, leg, and lower back.  He could not bend or sit on anything soft, and he walked with a limp, challenged by stairs.  He was in constant pain.  He told us he was ready to be healed.  He did not leave disappointed as Jesus healed him from hip, leg, and lower back pain.  His whole body was tingling all over as we laid hands on him.  Only God.  He was soon running around our dining room and bending down and touching his toes.  Tears were shed as we gave God praise for this man's healing.  God is amazing!

We have prayed for others and they have had pain leave, or experienced improvement, and one person broke out in a sweat as we Prayed with his wife, commanding his body to heal....he believed his body was responding and it was working hard as it healed causing him to be soaked in sweat.  Only God!

Joel has asked people at the church where he is Interim to share stories of God's touch in their lives.  A couple of weeks ago a woman shared her story of having Jesus come to her while she struggled with an infection that required surgery.  Laying in the hospital deathly ill, Jesus came and held her hand, filling her with peace.  She had a long journey to healing, but she did not worry after that.  Isn't God amazing?

I share these stories because we believe they are HIS story.  Just like every healing written in the Bible, just like every story of healing told throughout the centuries,  every healing that occurs through a doctor, a surgery, or speaking to the disease using the same power that raised Jesus from the dead....God is the healer!  Only God!

Yes, we love sharing our story from debilitating disease to health and healing......overnight for one and a process for another.....and we love hearing the stories of others.  We love it when Holy Spirit lets us be a small part of the healing....using our hands, our words.  It is humbling.  It is exciting.  It is amazing.  Only God!

Do you have a story to share?  I would love to hear it~!

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NanaNor's said...

Praising God for His Mighty outpouring on you and Joel and on those who heard you yesterday. It is not done! He is alive and will continue this ministry through the two of you. Praise His holy Name. Jesus heals today, through His Spirit. I am counting myself as healed-believing. Thank you for your testimony, your prayer outreach and your willingness to share. May He continue to bless you both mightily!