Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our corner of Iowa where the winds are blowing hard, the temperatures are going down, and snow is forecast for Monday as the Arctic Vortex is threatening to visit us again.  North of us in our home state of Minnesota they will feel winter's blast more than us, even though we have been enjoying our gas fireplace once in awhile already!  Recently I read a post that spoke about the top 25 cities to avoid in the winter.  All of them were up in our corner of the world!  Seriously, why do we live here? 

Speaking of one big reason why we hang around here, our children, in-loves, and grands will be home for Thanksgiving this year.  We look forward to celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas on the same weekend.  Yesterday we went shopping for gift cards, and I ordered a few online.  Can't wait to have everyone together.  We treasure those times.

Joel has had a long, busy week.  He is holding individual congregational interviews afternoons and evenings where people can share their thoughts, ideas, complaints, and hopes for the future of their congregation.  They are eager to move forward, which is a good thing because that is Joel's job as Interim!

Speaking of church, Wednesday I went with Joel to work so I could attend the evening women's Bible study later.  They are reading and studying the series "The Story".  I have enjoyed the study and getting to know some of the women better.

Friday we went shopping while the house was being cleaned, and ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday's before heading to the eye doctor again.  This time I received good news!  The pressure has gone down in both eyes....the laser on my right eye is working.  It was very interesting that the pressure was down lower than it has been in years in my left eye, which has not had laser surgery.  The doctor was a bit surprised but we were doing a happy dance.  We have been praying for both eyes!  So grateful.  Only God!

Talked with my sister Jan yesterday.  We will head south to see her and our BIL in Arizona next year, leaving winter behind.  Yay!  We are looking forward to another adventure-- visiting with them, friends I have known since middle school, sweet Linny and her family, and email/internet/phone friends from Canada that we hope to hug in person for the first time.

I have been putting together a photo book for one of our daughter's who just turned 40.  It has been great fun to look back and enjoy those moments caught on a camera.  I know that digital is the rage, but for me having a book to hold is much more intimate.  I hope our children feel the same way.

Another election is over.  I do not write about politics or share who we vote for.  It has always been our decision to keep our political views to ourselves because Joel is a pastor.  We do not believe it is ethical for him to speak politics from the pulpit.  I am glad the election is over,  but I do not have much hope for things to change.  It always seems to be about Washington, not the people. 

Speaking of change......this time change always takes me awhile to adjust to.  I am so tired by 9 every night, but making myself stay up most nights til 10.  Like that is late!!  Ha..  Joel manages it well, me, not so much.  Neither one of us like it getting dark so early.  Ugh.  Who likes that?? 

I finished the Beni Johnson book "The Happy Intercessor" and am reading Kris Vollaton's book, "The Supernatural Ways of Royalty" now.  December/Christmas magazines are coming in the mail, but I am trying to hold off until after Thanksgiving!  A few teachings, TV shows, and music CDs filled my rest time. Speaking of teachings, I checked out a recent conference at Bethel and found a session by Beni on Intercession! Love when God weaves it all together, affirming what I am hearing so I know I am on the right path.  By the way, we are loving the show, "Madam Secretary" on Sunday nights!!!  So what is new in your world?

Until next time,.........


Gayle said...

Oh, I enjoyed hearing about your week and getting caught up. So exciting the weather that is headed your way! I think we are one of the few places it is going to miss altogether!I am exhausted right now, I spent the day at the old house cleaning and painting and driving the carpet layers crazy. Mike is on mandatory overtime plus trying to get some things done, he is so tired he went to bed at 7! I am enjoying the beautiful colors of the fall. Every year it seems it is even more beautiful. Have a blessed week!

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, Ms. Renee, I don't like the time change, either. My body is still on the "old time", and I get sleepy really early! So glad to hear about your eyes....that's truly an answer to prayers. Our GOD is so good!!! HOPE you have a great week!

NanaNor's said...

Hi There Renee, Love catching up with you! It is cold and snowy here today-I had to go out early for bible study and have to go out again this evening to meet our granddaughter at Rock Climbing. I don't like being out and about when it is snowing out. Guess I'm getting old. I just finished a Beth Moore study and loved it. A dear friend, Beth Herring, sent me a box of books from her library-anxious to read them all. I started one by Chuck Swindoll; he's really changed his theology over the years and much more intimate with the Spirit of the Lord.
BTW, we love Madame Secretary too.
Hugs today,
I want to have a praise to share about my liver issues and blood pressure, I'm so thankful to hear yours.