Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday morning here in our corner of the world, and we are blanketed by fog as temperatures rise once again.  Tomorrow we are going to see 48 degrees which should melt the rest of the snow.  I can't help but think about parts of northern New York where they are dealing with so many feet of snow.  It hard to comprehend from the pictures posted.  And now a melt?  Yikes. 

Joel and I just returned from walking outside on the association paths.  The fresh air was heavenly!  We have also walked in the Mall, at a church, and once I walked around our main level here which was really difficult to do now that I walk faster and longer.  I only walked 25 minutes but at least I was able to exercise.  

We along with a few neighbors decided to turn our Christmas lights on early this year.  It is so nice to look out and see the porch lit up, along with neighbor houses.  Maybe it is the bitter cold that moved us into the season before Thanksgiving.  No tree yet though.  Nada.  Nor Christmas music....just the lights illuminating the darkness. 

We are busy getting ready for the family coming for Thanksgiving.  I made my annual pumpkin bread for everyone to take home.  I triple the recipe and use mini pans to bake in.  I think I started making this recipe 40 years ago. 

Our Christmas shopping is mostly done since we celebrate the day after Thanksgiving this year. As the kids get older we need more space for eating, so this year we are borrowing a table from the church to go with our dining table, plus lots of chairs.  So thankful our dining room holds two tables.

I have been reading the same books, watching the same shows....and listening to the same preacher/teachers this week.  The cold weather has me trapped inside, the return of nasty pain, has me in a funk, and I am thinking Phoenix cannot come fast enough.  Okay, there it is.  The "I wish winter was over before it begins" complaint.  Sigh......So today I am making cookies, and shaking up the house with praise music.  I plan to turn on the Hallmark channel and get myself into a festive mood. Here is hoping your week has been filled with joy, good health, good weather, and plenty of Hallmark movies to make you smile and get ready for the holidays. Until next time............


Gayle said...

I too have been making pumpkin bread for 36 years and make little loaves! I am thinking perhaps this afternoon, I will make them and freeze some for the kids and for the holiday. Snow sounds wonderful to me, but like you, I am amazed at New York and all they have received. Today the wind is blowing strong, and hitting the house here on the hill in gusts. I can see fresh snow on the mountains, but dark rain clouds surround the lower elevations. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sharon said...

You know, I never learned how to bake. And when I read all the wonderful recipes this time of year, it makes me want to give it a try. Do you think I'd burn up the kitchen??

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving, Renee. And sorry to hear about the return of your pain. I'll pray that the Lord will remove this.

I'll join you in focusing on the many blessings we have been given - even if it's cold and chilly outside, might our hearts be warmed with our Savior's love!!