Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday;s Scribbles

Good Saturday morning to you, on this the first day of November!  We are finally experiencing close to normal temperatures with frosty mornings and highs in the 40's.  Yesterday was Halloween, and with the colder weather we had less than the usual amount of trick-or-treaters.  We did see our youngest grandson, Jonas for a few minutes when he came by with his cousin. 

I had to laugh yesterday when the phone rang and it was a local mortuary.  Being a pastor's wife I expected them to speak to Joel concerning a parishner's death.  Nope.  The perky young woman asked if we had looked over the material they had sent (I must have tossed it) and if we wanted to begin preplanning our funerals.  Seriously?  I said no.  I wanted to ask her if she realized there was something weird about calling on Halloween, but I did not.  I know many people pre-plan but we don't know where we are going to retire yet. It is not on our radar to make funeral plans.

We have been walking daily, even with wind chills, but try to go later when it warms up some. Yesterday I went by myself while Joel was off working, and  I had to smile as I watched a woman with her golden retriever.  Joel always tells me people have complete control of their big dogs and not to worry, but this one saw three squirrels and the lady was holding on tight as the dog dragged her across someone's lawn!!  Beautiful dog.....really wanted those squirrels!

We have spent a great deal of time this week reminiscing about our trip out East last year....On November 1st 2013 we were in Shipshewana Indiana, at our, now favorite hotel.  It is an Amish community, the town is small but brings in many tourists.  The hotel we stayed at is friendly, quiet, and lovely.  We have plans to go back again. 

November 1st was the day that God led us to a natural spring so that I could drink the water.  Let me explain. You see, long before we were on our way out East to the conference on healing, Holy Spirit had been talking to a friend in Canada about me literally drinking from a natural spring.  She did not want to tell me as it sounded so "strange" but Holy Spirit was relentless with her, so she eventually talked to me about it on the phone.  Since Joel and I had been getting the theme "rivers of living water" over and over for weeks before the journey began, we believed this was from God.  Out of obedience we searched for springs in every state we went through.  We turned up nothing close to our locations, so when we were in northern New York on our way home we told God, if He wanted us to go to a natural spring, He needed to lead us to it!  Making it hard for God and easy for if anything is hard for God!

When back in Shipshewana, just 8 hours from home, God led Joel to ask about a spring while he was at the front desk of the hotel.  They told him there was a spring that the Amish used but they were not sure where it was located.  Later while Joel was paying for the gas after filling up the car, an Amish man came in.  Yes.  Into a gas station even though their buggies sure don't need filling--at least not with gas!  Joel started a conversation with him and asked about a spring.  He told him where it was!  Then he and Joel had a theological discussion about healing....this man knew his Bible well, so he and Joel had a great talk until his less than happy wife came in to get him. 

So off we went to find the spring.  We had trouble locating it but after about a half hour of driving the same gravel roads, we asked God to show us both where it was.  We came over a big hill and both of us said at the same time, there it is!  I stepped out in faith as we filled a glass bottle and mug with the running water from that spring in the middle of  Indiana.  A spring that was used for cattle...... Before I drank I asked Joel to ask Holy Spirit if He was sure I was to drink from this....and he told Joel, "I brought you here, now drink it!"  Okay, then.  So I did. (from the spigot, not the trough)  Even though we believe this was more about obedience and trust than anything else, several weeks after that experience we realized the chronic UTI's I had been experiencing for over 9 months were gone.  Thank you Jesus.

Our trip last fall was a beautiful journey with God that we will always be grateful for.  He blessed us greatly, and healing came to us in more ways than we can share.  We are so grateful.

This week I have been reading a book by Beni Johnson entitled "Happy Intercessor".  It has been very interesting and at times taken me out of my comfort zone.  God is reshaping my thinking once again.  I have listened to a few teachings, we have watched a bit of TV, and played some Minnesota Rummy card games together.  Life is good.....God is amazing. 

Until next time..............


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, Ms. Renee, this post just made me smile, not only for your obedience, but just how AWESOME our God speak to His children individually, to heal us, and to be such a loving Heavenly Father!!! So glad He led you to the water...and to His Living Water!!! HOPE you're having a wonderful weekend, my blogging friend!

Sharon said...

Renee, you and Joel are such a consistent testimony to me about the faithfulness and providence of God. Thank you for sharing your faith - it testifies greatly to me and encourages me mightily.


Betty Draper said...

Renee, stop by after visiting Sharon site. Love the "springs of living water" theme. Our daughter, son in law and their children used those scriptures as their theme as they went to Papua New Guinea to give the gospel to a village of people living in the remote jungle of that land. How blessed it was to see them taste the living water and want more as they continue to grow in the Lord. You post reminded me of Him being the only living water that will quench our thirst.