Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from Iowa, where we are enjoying  a crisp fall day.    Our low last night was to be 39 and the high today 66.  Don't think we hit 66, though.  Definitely a long pants day.  Next week we head up to 80, but 80 in the fall is different than 80 in mid-July.

Recently I went for a walk past the field in our association, which was filled with geese.  Before long they started taking off flying just a few feet over my head!  That was a fun experience......and not one pooped on me either!  Ha.

On Labor Day Joel was outside when a police cruiser drove by.  He rolled down his window and asked Joel, "Ahhhh, have you seen a white goat?"  Joel said, "A what???"  The officer said, "A big white is white and it is big!"  Joel assured him he had not.  The officer thought it probably came through our backyard as that is the way the deer come up from the river too.  The officer then chuckled and said, "He is illusive, like Bigfoot.  First you see him and then you don't."  They both had a good laugh over that.  It must have been a slow day to send an officer out looking for a goat that had escaped the farm life!  We looked around that day as we walk along the river, but no luck.  We have lots of animals out here including the rare coyote, but this is the first goat that has been seen.   One friend said, "Well at least he did not say an old white Joel!"  Ha......

It has been a busy week of appointments, talking with doctors, the advocate from the breast center, and taking antibiotics (now a third) trying to find what I can tolerate longer than 5 days to rid me of the UTI.  Next week is much the same with more appointments and tests, before heading into surgery on September 23rd here in our home town.  I am very comfortable with the surgeon and having it here, and Joel is, too.

This week we went to church Sunday morning, Wednesday night, and Thursday night.  Loved the worship music and we heard some good teaching on healing.  I was prayed over twice, which was a great comfort.   We really like this church that is a combination of traditional, prophetic, charismatic, and Holy Spirit moving.  This church is filling a need for me right in this season of my life and is a gift from God.

Joel and I went to the movie "War Room" on Labor Day with my sister Kay and BIL, Dan.  First movie I have seen in a theater in 15 years we figured.  It was a great movie on the power of prayer.  I came home and spent time setting up our own War Room.  What a great idea!

Another 9-11 have come and gone.  Just like when JFK was assassinated, we remember where we were, what we were doing, and how we felt.  It is also our oldest grandson's birthday, so we have reason to rejoice and celebrate.  He turned 17.  Hard to believe he is so old.

I am listening to a few teachings and watching some light mindless TV while heading to bed early every night exhausted.  I am looking forward to the new fall schedule starting soon.

Until next time..............


Mevely317 said...

G'evening Renee,
True, I've not commented now in a while; yet, I'm following your journey and just felt compelled to let you know that I'm holding you (and Joel!) in my prayers! Love your attitude!
In spite of his own non-attitude and crushing depression, my own hubby was diagnosed with bladder mcancer less than a year after we were married ('04); and, in May13 with Stage III lung cancer. And today, he's doing FINE. While we've been blessed with marvelous doctors, I totally believe the prayers of friends and friends we've never met played a huge role in his recovery.

Healing hugs!

Gayle said...

You have often been in my thoughts and prayers this week. I am taking this afternoon to catch up on the reading about what is going on. God is with you, I know this is a difficult time. May you have the peace of God as you walk thorough this time.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, Ms. Renee, I'm so glad I stopped by and read about your recurring UTI. I recently had a terrible infection, and even after a shot of Rocephin and a 7 day round of Cipro, I was still sick. My daughter had a friend with the same issue and she began taking D-Mannose, a herbal supplement. She got me a bottle at a local health food store and once that got in my system, the issue cleared right up. I'm still taking it...gonna finish the bottle then buy another (powder form next time) to keep on hand. HOPE this info might help you, too. I got a chuckle over the goat story. HOPE you have a great week.