Friday, September 11, 2015

The Surgeon, The Advocate, The Overwhelmed

Yesterday was my appointment with the surgeon.  Two and one half hours later we headed back home.  I spent most of that time with  the breast cancer advocate getting instructions, taking in way too much information, being given a list of appointments to go to before surgery, and being given a folder so full of info I asked Joel to carry it.  Too heavy! I did have a chest x-raY that came back great also.   One more test done.

Speaking of tests the Dr. confirmed all that I had been told, but also added one more test for me.  A MRI of both breasts which is on the schedule.  He called me a "strange bird" ........okay then.  Due to the Lyme and years of sickness, my body functioning so poorly, family history, having had other biopsies, blah blah blah.....he wants a MRI.  So, one more test.  He also told me probably I will be going in every six months for some test.  MRI, then six months later a mammogram, then six months later another MRI.  Sobering.

After yesterday's tsunami of information and appointments, including what will happen before surgery (yikes) and during, I crashed.  I could not take one more thing into this brain of mine.  So, we went to a worship and prayer service.  A good place to worship.

Today I talked to Mayo Clinic and did research on the savi catheter that we thought may be a better option for radiation.  We could not get in there, even with a referral, for 3 weeks, and the studies I read on the catheter made us wonder if I would qualify and did not make me feel positive about using it.  So we ruled that all out, and are staying here in our town.  I feel really good about it.  My surgeon has a very good reputation and also is a Christian which is a plus for me.  I've had surgery here before and they took good care of my special needs.......strange bird that I am!

Today I set up an appointment for a pre-op physical, the Physical therapist called to set up an appointment because of node removal ~ 2 or more depending ~ and my advocate set up appointments for the MRI and the consult with the radiology oncologist.  The surgery will be September 23rd.  I'll be home the next morning.

I am still writing about how God's love is showing up every day in so many ways.  So blessed.

The saga continues.  I am realizing I need to treat myself with TLC here.  I'm still on an antibiotic for UTI and having a few side effects.  Hanging in though.....hanging in.  So, plenty of time resting, praying, and laughing.  So important to laugh in the midst of the craziness we call life right now.  I am one of thousands on this journey.  How sad is that.  I am blessed to have a good surgeon, a sweet and smart advocate, and a place to turn when overwhelmed.

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