Friday, February 26, 2016

I Had No Idea!

Yesterday I had cataract surgery on my left eye.  It went well, in spite of it being "surprisingly dense" as the doctor told me.  He had to bring out the "power tools" to crush and remove it.  It took longer than normal, and I woke up in the procedure with the numbing starting to leave my eye.  I was not in pain, just some discomfort in the moment.  The cool thing was when the doctor put in the implant I saw the most beautiful lights!  Hot pink, purple, yellow, blue and lime green.  I saw the doctor again in his office an hour later and he was very happy to see everything look so great "considering" the effort it took to remove it.  The doctor turned to Joel and said, "You wife is so sensitive to medications, I give her only about 1/10th of what I would others.......She is special.  It kinda shows up with all the wrist bands I had on at the surgical center.  One for identification, one for breast cancer (don't use that arm for anything), two for allergies, sensitivities, and reactions.  I tried to tell the medical staff that I don't react much anymore but they tell me, once you have had a reaction it is on your chart for good. Really?  Healing not accepted.  By the way, the 5 bottles are all the drops I am taking for the next 1-5 weeks between 1-4 times a day.  It is like having a job.

There it is again.  I was not normal.  Not even in this!  I surrendered my desire for normal this past week and embraced the west of weird, just to the right of crazy, and "not normal" person that I am and special body that I have!    Normal is only the person you have not yet my son says.  I have also heard normal is just a setting on the dryer.

Back to the cataract.  After 2 long naps and 9 hours of sleep last night I feel pretty good.   I can see!  I am not wearing glasses at all.  I can see colors clearly, everything is so bright, and I can read the smallest print across the bottom of the TV world has changed now that the cataract that slowly and quietly stole my vision is gone.  Praise Jesus.  Next week the right one will go and then my world will change even more.

I had no idea how dingy and yellow my vision had gotten as the cataracts quietly grew over the lens of my eyes.  It took my breath away when I opened my eyes today.  Tears.  In the midst of all this as I lay in bed this morning marveling at the new world before me, I heard in my spirit, "This is how it is for people who walk in sin."   It overcomes them quietly and slowly and they don't realize how dingy and yellow their world is until they repent, receive forgiveness, and turn to Jesus.  Sin is subtle.  We all sin every day, but sometimes it comes into our lives so subtly and quietly that we are not even aware of what it is doing to us.  When we do know, we repent, receive forgiveness, and embrace what God has for us.  Then our whole world changes!   Just like with the cataract, when it is removed our whole world changes!  And when it is gone we find ourselves saying "I had no idea"!  Thank you Jesus.

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