Thursday, February 18, 2016

Welcome Home

As I mentioned before, I have been reading Christie Purifoy's book "Roots and Sky". It is not so much a reading of her words but a devouring.  First let me say, sadly, it has been years since I have eaten chocolate chip cookies....but my analogy lies in past experiences!   You know how you lift a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven to your lips and eat it in three bites, but then when you reach for the second one you take your time to savor its texture, flavor, and sweetness?  Yeah, that would be me with the book,  "Roots and Sky".  Taking in all that I can in big bites, knowing I will go back and read it again, underlining, reflecting, and savoring the texture, flavor and sweetness found within its pages.  Some books are meant to be read more than once.

It is a simple book concept, journaling Christie's perspective of their first year in the red brick Pennsylvania farmhouse they purchased.  A place that Christie, her husband Jonathan, and their children plan to intentionally put down deep roots.  But don't be deceived, because like most simple things, there is the complex to be found within. There are gifts to be opened and at this time in our lives as we long for roots, it has been a delight to read.

"As humans we roam the entire world.  We even venture beyond it into space.  The whole planet is ours, but the whole planet is not our home.  Instead, home is the ground we measure with our own two feet.  And home is the place that measures us.  Home is the place that names us, and that we in turn, name.  It feeds us, body and soul, and if we are living well, we feed it too.  Home is the place we cultivate with our love."  Christie Purifoy

Home.  We have always taken the houses we have lived in and made them into a home.  Did our best to cultivate love and acceptance in a variety of old 1930's with an add on kitchen, ranch style parsonages, and one split level on three acres of land.  All without air conditioning, one without bedroom heat, a couple without enough space.  We made do, grateful for a home.   We have owned a variety, too, of mostly "unique" looking homes, since they always drew our attention when house hunting. We fed these places and I think they fed us well, but we knew it would be temporary.  When looking for roots, something more is needed.  Seasons need to pass, but an attitude of "this is where we belong" needs to be nurtured. Revelation comes, and you just know that you know that you are home.  You sense it deep in your soul.

One of our children has a front porch on their house.  It is a place where I am always drawn.  I can sense the generations before that have nurtured and loved the land and this place they called home where roots run deep.   I find it very calming to sit in the early morning light and take in the peace that permeates the air.  It is what we long for in our own "red brick house".  And I believe God will guide us there.

Today I leave you with Christie Purifoy's words......:"This is the inheritance I long for.  I want to observe the ordinary things of earth~~~~the moon, the stars, the rainbows, even the yellowed leaves on the old cherry trees~~and receive their messages.  To hear them say what every weary traveler, every earnest seeker longs to hear ~  Welcome home."

Some day we will be welcomed home to Heaven, our eternal home.  Yet, we were also created to live here on earth and as "earnest seekers" of God's will and His purpose for us in this season of our lives, we long for our own place where we hear the words, "welcome home".  I don't think we have long to wait.

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