Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good morning from our corner of the world where more than one kind of blizzard visited Iowa this past week.  Monday night was Iowa's caucus and the media was out in full force along with all the candidates who hope to take up residence in the White House.  Words filled the air like a blizzard from every social media created by man.  Passionate people speaking out for the person they want to see sitting in the Oval Office.  And if you watch the news, there is still the aftermath, of accusations one against the other. The media loves a good fight, hoping for something that will raise their ratings and bring drama into the situation.  In some ways it is amusing......

On Tuesday we had yet another kind of blizzard.  This one from nature.  I had a morning appointment to see the eye specialist and struggled with wanting to go.  I am weary of doctors.  The weather was a perfect reason to stay home but after hearing God's whisper for me to "go" we took off like true Minnesotans (or Iowans) to drive across town.  There were a couple of glitches but we made it.  One of three patients who did not cancel.  Ha....The appointment went well, the report was good and we were home in time for lunch.

The snow continued on all day and we ended up with at least 10 inches.  The winds were high and travel was not advised in town or anywhere else.  We hunkered down, grateful for our warm house. We woke up  Wednesday to our neighbor's snowblower and when we looked out he had done our driveway too.  Sweet!  Joel was heading over to do my sister and BIL's driveway so he only had to venture out once.  We had to laugh when we drove down one street Thursday morning.  Someone had taken all the piles of snow and built a super cool dinasauer .....even coloring it green.  How fun!

So, the blizzard is over and the caucus has moved out east.  This weekend the focus is on the Super Bowl.  So much excitement in one week!

We received an email a couple of days ago letting us know that the Lutheran Bible Institute (Trinity Lutheran college) in Washington state was closing its doors.   This is the end of another great ministry.  Joel and I graduated from The Lutheran Bible Institute/Golden Valley Lutheran College in Minnesota in 1968. It began in St. Paul in 1919 and closed it's doors in Golden Valley MN in 1985.

Our first year we were there it was LBI, the second year it shifted and expanded it's programs and became GVLC.   The Washington campus came out of LBI in Mpls., along with the LBI located in California, if I recall it right.  LBI/GVLC was such a great place for students.  The professors/teachers had a deep foundation in faith, and many brought their experiences from being missionaries to their classrooms.  Joel and I learned so much there which went with us into the world as a young married couple.  And speaking of married, The Lutheran Bible Institute was known by many as the Lutheran Bridal Institute.  So many of us met our spouses there!

LBI campus in Golden Valley, MN

Joel and I both went there interested in mission work in Africa.  The draft and 8 years in the military kept us moving forward on a different path (not off track) and then going to seminary with 4 kids was yet another adventure.  We fell in love with Montana and went that route.  Later in the 80's we looked into mission work again, but at that time our multi-racial family kept us from being accepted as missionaries to Africa.  God had other plans.  But our faith was strengthened and rooted through our two years at LBI/GVLC where we studied the word in depth.  I still miss that, friends.  I still miss the classroom setting and the Word being revealed and studied.  We both are forever and eternally grateful for LBI colleges and the seeds they have planted in so many.

This past week was filled with blizzards created by humans and nature.  We have watched teachings that have increased our knowledge and deepened our faith and desire for more of Jesus.  We have been saddened by some news received, and delighted by other news.  We have walked at the malls ~ we have watched TV, finished yet another puzzle, read aloud together, and worshiped.  Just another week from our corner of the world.

How is the first week of February shaping your life?

Until next time................


Anita Johnson said...

I love these posts...yes, blizzards of all kinds. And I found your history fascinating. And I too love hearing Gods word.

Renee said...

Thanks Anita