Friday, April 15, 2016

Comforts of Home, Friends, and Prayer

 As I sit on the sofa typing, I can look around our open living space and see so many familiar comforts of home that are unique.  A plaque on the wall that says in large individual wood and metal letters..  T  R  U  S  T.  A large metal sculpted wall hanging of a fish ~~the long ago symbol of Christianity that is still used today.  There are canvases made of slides Joel took decades ago. Some of my books sit on an end table we have that is made from an old wine barrel and another that is made from an old sewing machine table that still has the working pedal base.  Our grandmother clock stands tall in the dining area, created at our request by Filipino craftsmen 40 years ago.  I can see an old school desk that looks like it belongs in "Little House On The Prairie" and an intricately carved prie dieu kneeling bench that comes from an old Catholic church.  So much of what we own has a history and a story behind it.

One of my favorite things to look at is a beautiful framed photograph taken by a dear friend.  I met her through the blogging world, and one day when I was visiting her photography blog, I won a prize for being the 1,000th person to link up.  I could chose any picture to have framed and I chose the one below.  A beautiful picture of a tree with stain glass added to me it represented a place of worship in nature.  Come to find out an enlarged version of the framed photograph hangs in her church.  I ferl so blessed to have this in our home.

Another blessing from God is that it turns out A. lives only 10 miles from our oldest daughter and her family in another state.  So we got to meet in person when visiting our family.  What fun that was!   Only God.

At this time in my dear friend's life she is fighting hard for her health.  She was diagnosed with Lyme and was treated, but over time she now has other serious medical problems that have come up and are keeping the doctors baffled as they try to help her become well enough to return to her beautiful home where she can see the world nature provides.  Joel and I are suspicious that this could still be a tick related infection, but we are only two past victims of Lyme and the nasty co-infections, and not doctors.  In any case,  my heart aches for  her.

She is a beautiful woman who deeply loves the Lord and has been so faithful on this long, hard journey.  We can only learn from her example.  The framed photograph she gave me is a beautiful reminder to lift her up in prayer, to stand firm in agreement that this is NOT from God and declare that He wants her well.  We speak against the root cause of these horrific symptoms and we pray for healing to be released into her body.  It is a great comfort to know that God hears our prayers.

And as Lyme has once again reared it's ugly head, where we live in Iowa it seems the ticks are bad this year with neighbors complaining of finding them on their body and their pets just from walking the paths and river road near by.  Someone at the bank today came up to Joel and told him she had found three ticks on her and what should she do?  Around this time of year we do hear from more than a few who know our stories and need advice.  Our advice is to always get antibiotics for ANY tick bite.  Don't take a chance.

So as I end this "Friday's Scribbles", I return to my friend who is on my heart today.  I ask you to lift A. up in prayer.  And remember that life is lived moment by moment, with only God to rely on. His promises are yes and amen so stand on them and and remember that just like A. said in her email today.........God is truth.  That we know when nothing else seems certain.  His Word is truth.


Anita Johnson said...

Ticks are bad here too. This post was a blessing to me...thank you. XO

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, the tree "photo" is gorgeous. Prayers for your sweet friend!