Sunday, April 3, 2016

Holy Hilarity Sunday

My husband likes to celebrate the Sunday after Easter with humor....a time to laugh at the devil.  It is called "Holy Hilarity Sunday" and when my cowboy preacher heard about it, he incorporated it into his sermon for the Sunday after Easter.  It is a service of jokes, a time to laugh with joy, celebrating Jesus victory over Satan.  Joel loves a good, clean joke.  He loves laughing at the devil.  He loves Easter. So Holy Hilarity Sunday is a good fit for him.  It is all done very appropriately and is combined with hymns and scriptures. His sermon is focused on our victory over Satan, and how we can laugh at the devil (not taunt him), We still need to be aware that he goes about like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour, but our God is bigger!

A couple of years ago, our oldest daughter and family gave Joel a T-shirt with these words on it.  "The Sermonater"  Of course it is taken from "The Terminator".  Joel wore it today, telling everyone that as the sermonater he is able to fight the devil and his lies with God's Word.. We all are.  Yes, the devil has no power over us when Jesus lives in us.

So have a Holy Hilarity Sunday everyone!  Laugh at the devil, rejoice over the victory we have because of Resurrection Sunday, and be filled with joy.  Victory is ours!

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