Friday, April 8, 2016

So, What If?

There is a little woodpecker dancing around on the tree outside our living room window.  He's looking for bugs to satisfy his hunger, them moves on to another spot, pecking away at each new location.  He is a bright spot of color on this cloudy day.  As I watch him go about his task, I can't help but wonder what he is thinking.  Is he thinking?  Or is he like the scarecrow who sings, "If I only had a brain...."

Do all God's creatures feel?  Think?  Spiders and nasty ticks too?  And what about trees?  All living things.   Our cells are living.......bacteria and viruses are living......the dreaded cancers are living.....

So do all living things hear us?  Squirrels and birds respond to the sound of our voices......I don't know about spiders and ticks, but there is even scientific proof out there that reports that our cells hear us.  And bacteria and viruses......

IF we go back to the beginning of our Bible you read that Adam was given dominion over the earth. The earth and all that is on it.  It could be argued that Adam blew it big time when he,along with Eve, chose to disobey God and sin entered the world.  Dominion was lost.

Then Jesus came.  He spoke to the fig tree and it died.  He healed the sick, delivered the demonized, multiplied food.  He told us to speak to the mountains and they will slide right into the sea....figuratively?  Literally?  

So what would happen if we spoke to the viruses and different bacteria that attack our bodies? What if we spoke to our cells?  What would happen if we spoke to the storm in the name of Jesus? Jesus told us that when He left the earth as children of God we would have Holy Spirit reside within us.  The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us.  "Dunamis" Power.  Dynamite.  Don't forget, he gave us authority and only by HIS authority and in His name we are to go out into the world and preach the gospel, raise the dead, cast out demons, and heal the sick.  It was a command, not a suggestion. And He said, you will do greater things than even I.  Is that even possible?  Speak to the mountains he said.  Ask and keep on asking.  Seek and keep on seeking....knock and keep on knocking.  Be persistent, in fervent prayer.

If this was only for the disciples then does that apply to the commandments, too?  To loving one another?   To salvation?!?!  The Bible was written for all.  Jesus' instructions were for all.  God's promises are yes and amen for all.  Salvation is for all.  Is healing for all?  There is power in the living Word.

So, what if?

What if we could speak to the sicknesses and diseases that attack us?  What if we, too, could speak to the storms? The mountains?  What if we could do what Jesus' commanded his disciples to do? What if we stepped out in faith and believed what we read in His Word?

Thank God we can.  What have we got to lose?  What have we got to gain?

So, what if............?

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