Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles Woven With Gratitude

It has been a week of snow, rain, sun, clouds, cold, warm, and wind.  Spring in Iowa!  The trees are getting little green buds and the robins are singing  their songs.  I expect we will soon see some daffodils and tulips around the neighborhood.  We have walked some this week, although I still do not have the energy to walk daily or over 15-20 minutes.  That will come.  Joel has ridden his bike three days this past week averaging 12.5 miles each time.   We have plans to stain the front porch when the warmer weather is more consistent, and look forward to some porch sitting before the mosquitoes arrive.

This past Sunday was Easter and we were on the road by 5:45 am....I wrote about our adventures that day in a former post HERE.  A day for healing prayers, a day for sunrise worship, and a day to remember all that Jesus did for us.  Tuesday night we held Bible study, Wednesday night we went to learn more about the prophetic at church, Thursday morning I headed to the women's Bible Study and Joel was in a nearby town for his colleague group.  Joel has two more weeks of preaching at an Iowa church 45 minutes from home....and then we will head off to one of our granddaughter's confirmation. P

Wednesday we watched the funeral of Officer Susan Farrell live stream on WCCI's TV webpage.  You can read about that HERE.  Friday we watched the service for Officer Carlos Puente-Morales. Difficult days for the families and friends of these two officers and the men in blue. Today department is sending 8 officers, including our son, to the western edge of the state to attend the funeral of the prisoner who was killed in the crash.  I am forming in my head what I would like to say about our country's quick to blame thinking with police officers. Somewhere along the way, the officers who dishonor the badge became ALL police that protect and serve.  We are currently a country fueled by hate in so many areas.

It has been a week of gratitude and sadness.  The deaths of two officers.  And gratitude  that our son and his female partner were not the ones picking up the prisoner.  Our daughter and her family missing the shooting at the Capital by a brief window of time.  Gratitude.  That these events happen daily?.....sadness.  Sad that our friend is having to fight so hard to finish chemo- the medical cocktail that will improve her chances of living.  Grateful for our friend's answered prayers, excellent care and the deep love of her family.  The sadness that comes with another friend fighting hard in the hospital to be whole again. And amazement and joy for her unending gratitude to God for walking with her on this journey.  And one more friend who is on a dark journey of her own, Lord have mercy.  Gratitude for her faith.  The world appears to be filled with grief and sadness this week, but when we look up.......we can only express gratitude.

Hopefully this will be my final update on my recent health issues.  My eyes look great, and I am now off the eye drops which has helped the pain levels some.  I am still struggling with low energy. Three surgeries in 5 months did not help, but I was told that the radiation did such a number on my body...and why when my sister did so well with it?  Maybe it was the 27 years of Lyme I battled.....who knows.........add to it the virus I am battling.......but I am trying to be patient and rest when I need to, push when I need to, praying and praise God always that this, too, shall pass.  As far as the breast and underarm area, I still have tightness in underarm and aching if I sleep on the right side too long.  I am doing some exercises again to help stretch the areas where the scars are.  I still have skin discoloration and I have one are a that is not back to its regular tissue, so I am using the aloe vera gel and Vitamin E oil with prayer.  It is all a process and I am so grateful I am healed and the cancer is gone.  Grateful I can see and my eyes are doing so well.  I will be getting my glasses in a week that will correct the astigmatism and for reading.  I have cheaters" but am weary of taking them on and off!  Through all this we have gratitude.

Today would have been my mom's 106th birthday.  She died at age 92.  She had quite a life story, filled with the good, bad, and the rest, and was welcomed to her heavenly home by Jesus.  Happy Birthday Mom!  What a celebration you must be having today!!  Thank you Jesus.

I watched only a couple of teachings this week, read mostly Rick Renner's book and a few good blog posts, and enjoyed some TV time.  I love Madam Secretary.  I'm looking for a good fiction book to read again......I am poor about reading fiction!  Any ideas?  

Until next time................

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Debbie Huffaker said...

You are a busy, busy lady. I love to read about your life and happenings because I see interwoven in your words such wisdom and understanding...something I strive for myself. Happy SONday to you.