Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunday Came And We Remember And Rejoice!

Holy Week is important to us and good Friday brings with it the overwhelming reminder of what Jesus did for us.  The reading about the death of Jesus on YouTube kept reminding everyone that "Sunday is a coming". If you have not heard it, take the time to read my former post where I have it downloaded.

I thought about the "It is Friday, but Sunday is coming" when we were up and out the door at 5:45 Easter morning driving through fog on two- lane roads and on the Interstate.  Going past the casino with too many cars for such a day as this, we headed to worship, gathering with other Christians.  Yes, Sunday came and "He is risen" echoed in the sanctuary as dawn arrived!

And even on Easter morning, or maybe especially on Easter morning adventures with God take place to delight, amuse, and remind us of God being God.  I had only gone to this church with Joel one other time and so I sat half way down in the sanctuary, thinking others would be filling in around me.  It did not happen.  As Joel walked to the back of the church before the service started he stopped and whispered...."You must be new here, you are sitting down front", and then quietly chuckled as he walked away.  What a stinker!  It seems that he forgot to tell me that at the first service everyone sits way to the back. Since only 75 were there that was possible.  It is a widely known that many Lutherans prefer the back pews but my family never got that memo...nor did Joel's.  I'm grateful for that.

After church I visited with a couple.  They told me they were going to miss Joel, and then then husband asked me questions...."Did I command for healing too?  Did it work?" I answered and he continued....and where did you get Lyme?  In North Dakota?  I replied and he asked, "Well, then, was it North Dakota that your husband got the idea to wear boots?"  I told him Joel has always worn boots and we never lived in ND.  Was he thinking of Montana?  "Well, then, was it in Montana that he got the idea...."  I told him no.  He always wore boots.......but the hat came from our years in Montana.  He seemed satisfied with that answer and moved on.  I am still amused (mostly) at how some people get stuck on Joel's attire.  I do find it cute when a child like the little girl at church walked by Joel and said...."Mommy, a cowboy!"

During the second service I sat downstairs in an alcove near the entryway.  I could hear the service but did not need to be among the 420 worshiping.  While there a dad came with his young teen son.  The boy looked sick and my first thought was~ flu~ so I avoided him.  Then the dad called 911.  The boy had been stung by a wasp in church and had many allergies.  I felt I was to pray for the boy but tried to ignore the urge.   I could not so I stood and asked if I could pray for him.  The boy said yes and the dad asked me to watch him while he looked for mom.  I laid my hand on his head and prayed for the symptoms to leave, commanding his body to stop reacting and for healing to come and reminded the boy that God was protecting him.  He thanks me and he got better, the dad and mom returned, the police showed up and then the ambulance.  The EMTs checked him over and he was fine. I felt very blessed to be able to pray for him and see God move in his body.  That is all we can do.....listen, obey, pray, and leave the rest in God's hands.  When I was done praying I realized that Joel was preaching about the salvation-healing connection at that moment.   I think God was sending me a message, and hopefully this boy will remember the ways God showed up when he needed help.

It was a special Easter morning, and definitely "Sunday Came".  We remember and we rejoice!  The devil was defeated.....Jesus rose from the dead.  And the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and out of that tomb lives inside of us.

Phone calls, texting with siblings, a nap, and ham dinner for two rounded out our day.  We experienced delight in worship, amusement in the questions, the excitement that comes from praying for someone, and the love of family.  I am so grateful that our older children have church homes and celebrate Resurrection Day!  And I am grateful for the adventures that come with faithful living!  Yes, Sunday is not only coming but it came!  He is Risen!

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Debbie Huffaker said...

How awesome that God was able to use you in His healing of the boy. What a wonderful thing to happen on Easter SONday, too. Glad you had such a good day.