Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In The Midst Of The Chaos There Is Hope Rising In Jesus

Once again terrorists have attacked and the dead are counted and the numbers of injured are rising. Hearts are breaking, families are searching and grieving, and the atmosphere is electric with fear.

It is difficult to keep peace in front of us as images are played over and over across the TV screen. White sheets soaked in blood, parents holding tight to wailing children, medical personal bent over victims, authorities and police running to and fro.  To be in the midst of it must be numbing.

Yet in the midst of it all a sign appears.....the name of Jesus is firmly planted surrounded by flowers and candles and........hope.

And it is Holy Week.  Jesus rode into the city on a donkey and ended up hanging from a cross just a few days later.  He suffered and died for us all.  I have a bad taste in my mouth when I think He suffered and died for those who do the devil's dirty work of hatred and destruction.  It is hard for me to resolve the feelings I have for the cowards who hide behind the normal and kill the innocent.  They need Jesus, too. Still, the loving your enemies part is hard to digest in the aftermath.  Necessary, but difficult.

The world is weary and its people are broken.  Broken by lack, or by nature's wrath ,and by those who fight for their own agenda whether in the world of terrorism, the world of politics, or our own backyards.  Is there any good answer to the many questions that form every time we hear "breaking news"?

There is good to be found in Good Friday as it looms ahead, a solemn day for us as Christians.  A time to remember what Christ did for us.  Oh how He loved us.  He suffered greatly to fulfill God's plan for us, His children. Some choose to embrace Jesus as Savior, others do not.   With a grateful heart we followers say, Jesus we love you......oh how we love you.  This is where our focus needs to return as we try to digest a world around us that continues to show less than loving behavior.  The love that God calls us to.  Only with Jesus before us, beside us, behind us, and around us can we stand firm in hope when the world shakes so violently.  Jesus,we love You.....You are the One are hearts adore.

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