Thursday, March 24, 2016

Remembering His Promises

"He will cover you with His feathers
and under His wings you will find refuge."
Psalm 91:4

Last fall right before my surgery for breast cancer I wrote about God, feathers, and protection.  You can read about it HERE.  God has provided me with this verse many times, and it began when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Surgery followed by 6 weeks of radiation filled my calendar until December 17th.  Surgery went well, radiation was very difficult for me and I dealt with burns for several weeks during and after.  The verse above was my saving grace. I printed off the picture and verse and taped it  up around the house.  I did not understand the whys, but I could trust that God was with me.  Feathers became important as I took refuge under His wings often.

Not too long ago a friend texted me the amazing picture above that brought feathers to mind again. She had shared with me that when she saw this she thought of me because of the feather.  She is fighting her own health battle with such dignity and faith, and yet she took time to send me a precious reminder of God's promise. It was a great visual of God with us as I walked through yet another journey with cataract surgeries.

For my birthday our oldest daughter sent me a journal from her and her family with the most beautiful cover.  There it was, Psalm 91:4.  The day after my birthday as I settled in to rest in my recliner, this book brought to mind once again God's promises. Feathers have become that for me.......a reminder of God's love and protection.  How sweet that our daughter sent this!  I am once again looking for feathers everywhere.  I expect that each of you have your own reminder from God that brings to mind Who He is and what He promises.

Tonight we will go to Maunday Thursday services at a local church in town.  We will gather with other Christians as we remember and partake in the Last Supper.  Communion is about remembering, and as we walk through Holy Week into the celebration of Easter, we are reminded of what God has done for us.  Remembering His promises that were fulfilled through His Son.  We have so much to be grateful for.

God is faithful.  And He sends us reminders of that faithfulness in His Word, in His children, in Communion, and even in feathers.  Yes, we have so much to be grateful for.

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Kendra Leibold said...

I love this picture too, Renee. I've seen it before and have found comfort in its meaning. Happy Easter to you and Joel from Nick and I!