Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday morning and there is just a small reminder of the winter storm we went through Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.  We ended up getting rain, sleet, corn snow( kind of like hail), ice, and then 6 inches of snow,  but the warmer temperatures returned and it is all melting away.  Yay!  I have just started walking again, so we have managed short walks outside on the dry streets.

It is the end of Holy Week with Easter coming!  There is a great reading on Youtube that speaks of Jesus betrayal, suffering, and death but keeps stating that "Sunday is coming".  Yes....Sunday is coming! I posted it at the end of my writing for your enjoyment.   Joel ( and hopefully myself) will head out early, around 5:45 am to get to the church at 6:30 before services start at 7 am.  I am thinking I will try to go if my body cooperates.

On Maundy Thursday we went to services at Trinity Lutheran here is town and watched a live presentation of the Last Supper followed by communion.  It was so powerful for me.  I am a visual person and it was amazing to watch.  The man playing Jesus looked the part and he was the one who served everyone the wine/grape juice at communion.  That itself brought tears......On Good Friday we went to Praise Community for worship.  Both services were impacting.

The other day our oldest son and I were talking and he was recalling in detail the bunny cake we used to make for Easter.  He has an amazing detailed memory.  Sometimes I miss those days of coloring and dying Easter eggs, spending Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at church with all the kids, and filling and hiding baskets for Easter morning.  The kids usually got a book in their baskets along with plenty of candy and dyed eggs.  Easter morning we were always up early for Sunrise services and of course a big ham dinner to follow.  We always had an Easter egg hunt.  If the weather was bad it was inside.  I would count the eggs so there would not be one that was not found until it smelled!  One year that did happen but only one year.  Ha.....It is pretty quiet in this house now on Easter, although we recall with smiles last year when one of our daughters and her family came.  Joel''s early morning schedule and preaching two services will mean a long afternoon nap I am sure.

Early this morning we heard from our oldest son, to let us know he is okay.  Two officers were transporting a prisoner and while driving on the Interstate a car came down the wrong way and hit them head on killing all involved.  It was a fiery crash.  Horrible.  Our hearts are with the families of those involved and of course with the  family of the department's men in blue. God be with them all.

I saw the eye specialist Wednesday and it was all good news.  My eyes look great and the eye pressure is the lowest it has been since I started seeing him.  He believes it is because the cataracts are gone and they are no longer putting pressure on the drainage tubes in my eyes.  Yippee!  I talked the Dr. into the steroid drop being every other day so I am beginning to feel better.  My vision is 20/20 with a bit of a astigmatism still present so I plan to get prescription glasses. I don't like taking the readers off and on all the time and they lens made the 20/20 a bit clearer.  I am coming to the end of this long journey and look forward being healthier than ever.

Bible study continues on Tuesday nights, but this week there was so Wed. service or Thursday morning study.  I have continued with the Rick Renner book~ it is like a textbook, to quote a friend.  Very good.

I love the video,  "Sunday is Coming"  I planned to share it yesterday, but will post it today.  I hope you enjoy it!  Yes, Sunday is coming!  Have a blessed Easter!

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Sharon said...

Renee, just dropping by to wish you and Joel and your entire family a most blessed Easter!

And I am sure that it has not escaped your attention that your very name means: "reborn, born again."

What a tremendous outpouring of God's love, as expressed on the cross, to make spiritual rebirth possible!


It's an amazing grace indeed!