Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning all!  Winter continues on here in our corner of the world, with vague promises of highs in the 50's forecast for next week.  We have been turning on the fireplace to bring extra warmth to the living room.  In days past this area was called a sitting room.....I am thinking that was a good definition of what we do in our living rooms.  Sit.  Too much sitting for me again this week, but that is ending soon enough.

This past Thursday I had cataract surgery on my right eye.  I saw the doctor on Tuesday and he said the left eye looked "pristine" so we could go ahead.  I had been having some major tightness in the chest along with a few other vague symptoms that puzzled the doctor with what to do with the eye drops.  He now has me taking the same dose but fewer times.  He also showed me how to put the drops in my eyes so less of it gets into the bloodstream.  It seems to have helped.  The surgery went well, but this time the anesthesiologist did not give me enough anesthesia and I was awake at first but could not say anything. The doctor noticed and they gave me more so that took some time and then the cataract was again "woody" and challenging.  I am sooooooooooo glad it is over.  It all went well, but was not as easy as I had heard.  My advice:  If you can, as soon as they tell you they are "ripe" have them out!  My eye pressure and then diagnosis of breast cancer kept that from happening.  Having an excellent surgeon made it all painless and I am totally rejoicing over what I can see.  Still amazed and still delighted to open my eyes each morning!

Joel and I were laughing about how I had to get to the surgical center by 5:30 am, have 15 drops put in my eye, an IV port put in, sedation and pain meds given, my eye washed out with chemicals, and a stubborn cataract removed. and implant put in............and Joel was so exhausted that he had to take three naps along with me!  Ha!  I guess he got tired with all I was going through....giggle.....reminds me of when I had radiation and he would take me there, I would have the treatment and come home and he would have to nap!  I guess we are partners in all things.

Beth and hubby, Kevin

Today is our daughter Bethany's birthday!  She arrived over 3 weeks late, weighing 8 1/2 lbs., with such beautiful skin and perfectly shaped head, etc.  The doctor said she came out looking like she was a month old...and she kinda was as she "baked" longer.  So did her brother.  He was 4 weeks late to the day.  Bethany is a delight!  So creative, artistic, passionate, and intelligent among other things.  She is a great teacher of Old Testament, and of sweet children too, also teaches piano, and plays keyboard, piano, and flute for her church.  She loves her family with a deep love.   She was our first born so our parenting skills left something to be desired I am sure......but the awe and love we felt for her as we held her for the first time is still the awe and love we hold for her today.  Thank you God for blessing us with her!  We are eternally grateful.......

Mom and Bethany

Beth with Dad

Today is also my sister Jan and brother-in-love Lanny's 5th wedding anniversary!  Have a super day you two!!  Enjoy the day, the year, your lives together!  Love you!

Last Sunday Joel had the day "off" so we went to Praise for worship.  We had Bible study here Tuesday night, but stayed home Wednesday night from church because of our early wake up call for Thursday.The rest of the week has been quiet with recovery and a regimenof drops to take several times a day.

I have been listening to Barry Bennett, Bill Johnson, and Kris Vallottin, this week.  Reading a bit, but adjusting to the big vision change so TV has been more entertaining.  Love "Fixer Upper" and our usual fav's.    What have you been up to?

Until next time...........

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Sharon said...

Oh Renee, so glad to hear that this surgery went well, too. Except for the part about being awake and not being able to tell anyone! YIKES! It's good that someone noticed!! :-)

It's funny how our husbands commiserate with us. My sweetie hates seeing me sad, sick, or hurting. He always says he wishes it was him instead, and he means it. I forget how important it is to watch my attitude, as it does have an effect on him.

Happy Birthday to sweet Beth! I can tell by your photos and words that she is beautiful, inside and out!

What have I been up to?

In the last five days I've made a trip down and back our mountain to visit family, had my eyes checked, had my teeth cleaned, babysat, gone to a professional hockey game, ate breakfast at a great restaurant, had sushi for lunch, done some writing for my blog, and am currently watching it snow outside! Phew...