Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our back-to-winter part of the world!  Ugh....I know it will soon melt but waking to snow was a bummer.  The flakes still keep coming......Tomorrow is the first day of Spring so it looks like Winter is trying to hold on for one last big hurrah before making way for Spring!

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday.  Our two oldest daughters were both baptized on Palm in 1970 and one in 1975.  We committed our girls to the Lord on their baptismal days, praying for them to grow in Christ and serve Him in all their ways and asking for the wisdom to raise them well. Our prayers have been answered above and beyond.  Thank you Jesus!  It is also the first day of Spring tomorrow which means we will be celebrating "someone's" 68th birthday.  I can remember when I was so sick, we were not sure I would be around to celebrate number 60.  Here I am, healthier and stronger and celebrating 68 years of life.  Thank you Jesus!  It is also our daughter-in-love's birthday tomorrow. We give thanks for her, the gift she is to our family, and the blessing she is in our oldest son's life and that of her family.  Thank you Jesus!

Update on eyes:  The good news.......My eyes are doing great!  I still am enjoying the vivid colors I can see and it is just delightful to see the details ~ like the white trim on the squirrels tails, the intricate details on the birds wings, the budding trees and bushes. I was able to renew my license this week and it is no longer restricted from night driving.  Yay.  I am not having any eye issues or inflammation, etc.   The bad news........I am having a reaction to the steroid drop in that it has increased my joint pain and fatigue.  I cannot walk due to pain, I am sleeping long hours, and spending energy trying not to focus on the pain.  I have 10 days left on this last drop.  I see the Dr. Wednesday and hopefully things will still be pristine and he will say, no more drops!  This too shall pass, right?!  

This week we did have Bible Study here, went to Wednesday night services, and Thursday Joel headed to Waterloo for the day and I went to Bible study at church.  I must tell you how Holy answered my "sort-of" prayer.  I was in a funk Wednesday night and told Holy, "I am not asking someone for a ride to Bible study tomorrow so if you want me to go, someone is going to have to call me and ask if I need a ride."  NO ONE has ever called and asked me as Joel takes me.........So Thursday morning I said good-bye to Joel and snuggled into my recliner hoping to stay warm as I waited for the pain to subside.  A few minutes later the phone rang, I did not recognize the number but answered it.  It was Pastor Jani, the leader of the study!  "I was calling to see if you needed a ride today to Bible study?"  Really?!  I laughed right out loud, explained to her what I had told Holy, and then said I will be ready when you come!  He made the effort, I better obey!!  Only God!

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken."  These words were on a wooden plaque I saw at a store called Phoenix.  This store is owned by Mercy Medical and has new and used things for sale.  Great stuff!  I love what this has to say.  God created us, unique and special.  Each one of us needs to be who God created us to be. If we try to be someone else, we are being a counterfeit.

What a week in the crazy world of politics.  The drama just continues and it is not pretty. Joel and I have watched quite a few elections come and go over our many years, this may be one of the wildest ones, but there are others that have had us shaking our heads too.   I just keep praying and remembering what I heard at church Wednesday night from one of the prayer intercessors who spoke over the congregation...."Don't be afraid.  No matter what is going on in government or our country, God is there."  Yes, God is there.  He is bigger than it all.

I have continued on reading Rick Renner's book "Dressed to Kill".  Deep study with lots of information to digest.  I have also been watching Bethel and Charis teachings, and I just have to say the new show,
"Little Big Shots" is a great show about talented kids.  Clean entertainment, which is nice to find on TV.  So what have you been up to?

Until next time..............

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