Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

The sun is shining this beautiful Saturday after waking this morning to a brisk 16 degrees.  Yikes! We are heading for a high of 40 although the sun will need a great deal of heat to get us there. Nature has been a bit confused this week as we dealt with snow, wind, rain, sleet, warm, cold.  The birds and squirrels we see are as tired of it as we are, I expect.

I have been adjusting to new glasses.  My vision is 20/20 now but I cannot read without glasses, and the small astigmatism is corrected when I wear them.  The dark circles under my eyes are hidden now too.  :-)  I am always amazed at how the body adjusts quickly to something different.

Another week of Bible Study here Tuesday night, church at Praise Wednesday, and Thursday morning Bible study with the women at Praise.  In between I rested quite a bit, and prayed even more as my body fought a virus off.  Friday night was dinner here for 4 and a time of fellowship. Tomorrow afternoon friends will come by.  Sunday is also Joel's last Sunday at Salem Lutheran in Lake Mills.  He has enjoyed his time there very much.

Our neighbor has the cutest dog....named "B.D." because his ears making him look like a bat dog! He loves to run and has the shortest legs we have ever seen on a dog.  The neighbor kind of inherited him from a family member, but that little guy has stolen all our hearts here in the neighborhood.  He is delightful to watch, and lets us pet-less people give him some loving when he comes around.  Dogs do know how to give love.  I have read several stories lately about dogs in nursing homes and how much encouragement and love they provide for the residents. They have a lot to teach us in that area.

Speaking of love, have any of you watched "Little Big Shots" yet on Sunday nights?  It is so good. Love having good, clean entertainment.  The kids are amazing.  I am still reading Rick Renner's book and have added Roots and Sky back to the list.  A few teachings have been thrown in to the mix, along with some of the Azuza Now gathering at LA today.  It is a bit over the top for us though.  Yeah.  It is even farther to the "west of weird" than we are.

Joel and I have been watching the Property Brothers lately.  The trouble with that is the ideas we form for our own house......and when we look around we can see so much that we could be doing here.  We still don't know if we are staying or leaving, but if we do stay, we plan to make our home into something new and fresh.  Houses need make-overs a much as people do!

We have so many we love and care about who are struggling with sickness and disease.  I thought I would list them and ask for prayer for healing.  Barb, Roger, Dale, Stephen, Kris, Samuel, and Doug are all fighting cancer.  Anita is in need of healing so she can go home again where she belongs.  We lift them up in prayer, and we give thanks that you are the God who heals..Jehovah Rapha.

Until next time.............

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